how your degree can help your cv

The majority of us go to university in the hopes of getting a good job afterwards: but when you graduate, you might find that your degree doesn’t necessarily lead straight into a career.

Faced with the daunting task of sending out multiple copies of your CV and cover letter to many different potential employers, you may be thinking of taking a few short-cuts to speed up the whole process. It can be tempting to send out the exact same generic CV copy to every single employer on your list...

As a student, it can be rather deflating if you only have retail experience to your name. In fact, it means that you have real work experience - something few grads can boast. Through your retail job, you have acquired skills that employers are looking for.

Your CV is arguably the most important document you submit to potential employers, so it has to be really good to prevent it from being discarded. Writing such a crucial document is not an easy task and there are lots of websites available that are full of helpful information.