A Day in the Life at the Largest Professional Services Firm in the World – PWC

A Day in the Life at the Largest Professional Services Firm in the World – PWC

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‘Inspiring Interns was a fantastic resource in helping me start my career. Being able to view their graduate jobs online was highly convenient, and the video CV was great fun – I was able to put my personality across, which helped me stand out. The speed at which they found me an internship was impressive, and it turned out to be a great one as well! It put me in great stead to find a graduate job at PWC, where I’ve been working since September. Inspiring Interns started me on the path to get here, and I’m grateful.’  –  Maximilian Stubenvoll


A Day in the Life at PWC

We recently caught up with Max Stubenvoll to congratulate him on his new job at PWC. Max came to us in 2013 looking for an internship, and within 48 hours we had organised an interview for him. He was offered the internship, and stayed on at the company for another 1 ½ years. Max took advantage of every opportunity that came his way, excelling in his sales role.

We asked Max what it’s like working at the largest professional services firm in the world, with total revenues of $35 billion.

‘There are lots of different days at PWC, as my tasks always vary. If I’m on a project, the first step is to gather all the data needed, either third-party through external resources, or first-party by interviewing professionals working in the industries we are investigating. Then, the work becomes highly analytical, involving a lot of Excel spreadsheets. My manager will ask me to look into a specific market or firm, and I am given free rein to make sense of all the data and decide what information is relevant for the project.

Once the Excel work is completed, the next step is to display the data into a meaningful presentation. This part also involves testing hypotheses, working on iterations and iterations of slides to ensure we give the best advice to our clients.

In-between projects, we do a lot of internal work, such as setting up and undertaking interviews, which involves a lot of cold calling, or doing some Business Development, which involves a lot of market research.

Do you see yourself working at PWC for long?

‘I really enjoy the work, I definitely want to work here for at least the next five years.


Why Sales Is the Best Role You Can Do

‘A lot of people are scared of sales as they don’t like having people say no to them, especially over the phone. It can be quite a daunting task.’

How did you get past that fear?

‘I never really had it. In my interview for my internship the interviewer (who became my boss) explained what I had to do in the role, and how to speak to people. We did role-playing to practice, and he shut me down quickly as a test to see how I’d react. I think he summed up sales really well; ‘At the end of the day our product is really great. If they shut you down, think of it as their loss.’ I never took it personally if someone said ‘no I don’t want it’, it was no reflection on me.’

What advice do you have for dealing with being rejected?

‘The first thing you have to realise is it’s not a reflection on you. You have to see it as them losing out.

Secondly, you have to believe in the product you’re selling. I think a lot of people get put into a sales role where they are selling something that they don’t believe in – no one should do that. If you don’t believe in something, you can’t sell it. It’s as simple as that.’

How would you describe what sales is, and what other advice do you have?

‘Sales is all about talking. If you can keep talking – even if it’s not about the product or anything related to it – chances are you’ll sell it, because they’ll just warm to you. That’s something I learnt over time. You also need confidence which is something that you gain over time.’

What is your advice on making the most of an internship?

‘An internship is an opportunity. To me you just make the most of it, go in headfirst, and apply yourself. Its three months in your life to make an impact.

Inspiring Interns have links to very good start-ups so feel fortunate when they place you – and then make the absolute most of it. Firstly, it’s a good reflection on them and on you. Secondly, you never know what’s around the corner! You will be surprised, really.’

How to Hire the Best Graduate

How to Hire the Best Graduate

Inspiring Interns
Inspiring Interns

Inspiring interns have placed over 5,000 graduates with the country’s leading businesses (to see our latest candidates click here). The relationship between graduate and company is mutually beneficial, providing graduates with valuable experience and companies with highly motivated, valuable employees.

In today’s super-competitive climate, it is essential to attract the best employees possible but finding the right person can be difficult. Graduate internships are a great way for employers to “try before they buy” and for graduates to learn new skills, improve their CV, and gain experience in the business world.

Before the Interview

Make sure you really understand what you’re looking for in a graduate. If you didn’t write the job spec, have a meeting with the person who did so that you can get a thorough understanding of what kind of personality, skills, past experience and passions suit the role best now – and what the role will become if they go permanent.

What to Focus On in the Interview


It’s easier to teach skills than to try to change personality to suit the role. Through the way they present themselves, converse with you, and respond to questions you’ll be able to tell if they’re the right personality for the role.

Experience and Qualifications

When hiring a new employee, finding someone with the right experience and qualifications is key, but when hiring an intern it is less essential. Interns love to learn, and want experience. Be open to hiring someone with the right attitude, even if their degree is unrelated to your industry. For example, a History student recently came to us, we organised and interview at Macquarie Bank for her, where she is now interning on a £35,000 salary.

Compatibility with company culture

Will this candidate would work well with your current employees? Does he/she have the right values, attitude, and work ethic to complement and add to your company culture?

Soft Skills

Soft skills and social intelligence are very valuable. Look for the ability to navigate social situations, work well with others, communicate effectively, develop interpersonal skills, thought processes and emotional intelligence. If an intern has this, it is a huge asset to your organisation.

Useful Questions to Ask

In addition to the specific questions you have prepared for the role, we recommend asking these.

  • Who are you going to be ten years from today?
  • Why do you work?
  • What makes you get up in the morning and do what you do?

Their answers show the candidates’ drive and ambition, which helps you understand whether or not they will grow with your business.

Let Them Interview You

A candidate’s questions illustrates their values, priorities, and how well they understand everything you’ve discussed so far. Give them time to interview you so you have more information to evaluate them on.


If you are interested in hiring an intern now, view Inspiring Intern’s best candidates here.

How Inspiring Interns can help you take advantage of the Northern Powerhouse

How Inspiring Interns can help you take advantage of the Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse

As a recruitment agency we work exclusively with graduates in order to place them in internships with great companies, with the intention of going permanent. We already have a booming office in London, and here in Manchester we are following suit, fusing the North’s brightest graduates with the best opportunities in the Northern Powerhouse.

The Northern Powerhouse is the next big opportunity for graduates and businesses alike. In an effort to expand the UK, the Treasury aims to add an additional £44 billion to the northern economy over the next 18 years, harnessing the talent of 15 million people and 23 of the UKs universities (five of which are in the top 20 British research institutions).

Today the economy of the three northern regions is worth £289 billion. If it were a national economy, the north of England would rank as tenth largest in the EU. Plus a recent report has found that Manchester is likely to outperform global cities like Berlin, Tokyo and Paris in terms of jobs growth over the next five years, with an expected growth of 3.8 %.

Since 2010 in Manchester, figures show that there has been a growth in employment of 68,154. This is mainly thanks to the professional services industry, but Manchester is also one of the fastest growing cities for jobs in management consultancy, finance, law and advertising. The research also shows that between 2010 and 2015 Manchester created almost 14,000 jobs in professional services, and 3,218 jobs in manufacturing, across pharmaceuticals, components and plastic products and printing.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Not only is Manchester, and the Northern Powerhouse, a great up-and-coming place to get a graduate job, it’s also a great place to live. With affordable rent, great work opportunities, and a growing number of social and entertainment events, it is the place to be!
The Guardian agrees with us, recently publishing an article advising young people looking for work and a good lifestyle to move to Manchester.
Here at Inspiring we are very excited about the opportunities that are here for graduates.

Since being established in 2009 Inspiring Interns have placed an amazing 5,000 candidates – would you like to be the next inspiring intern? Check out our latest Manchester graduate jobs and internships!

Inspiring Interns
Inspiring Interns

Edited by Catherine Moolenschot

How to get a £35k graduate internship – Amelia’s Success Story

How to get a £35k graduate internship – Amelia’s Success Story

Amelia Dabell
Amelia Dabell

‘I’m an arts student, doing a £35,000 internship at Macquarie Bank. Two weeks ago I knew nothing about finance.

How did I get here?
While I was at Leeds University I felt the need to add to my CV. I wanted to do something to help my future career prospects, but I had no idea what career prospects to aim for.

In my second year I was on the committee of a fundraiser and loved it, so when the opportunity to apply for director came up, I went for it. In this role I organised one of Leeds University’s biggest charity events; we sold 1600 tickets, and raised £11,000 for Dying to Keep Warm (check out the charity’s amazing work here).

After graduating, I felt lost. I had no inkling of what kind of work I wanted to do, or what range of graduate job opportunities were out there. And I now realise that that’s okay. How are we expected to know, at 21, what we want to do for the next 10 years?

I did have my LinkedIn profile set up well, and through that I received interview offers for jobs I thought I would love. I went to the interviews, but they didn’t feel right. I couldn’t imagine enjoying working there, so I declined – which was terrifying! Afterwards I worried about whether I’d made the right choice or not. ‘Maybe I should have just accepted that job.’
I continued treating finding a job like having a job, which is something I recommend to everyone. Keep working on your CV until it’s absolutely perfect, and spend a lot of time on every cover letter.

Other important advice: be patient. Be willing to say no to jobs that don’t feel right. If your circumstances allow it, give yourself a few months to find the perfect job for you.

I had expected to be employed in August, so by September I was starting to panic. I felt stressed and anxious. I approached Inspiring Interns, and they got me interviews really quickly. I love drama, so doing the video CV was fun for me. I’m glad I made the most of my opportunities at university, because the fundraising event gave me great experience to talk about in my video CV.

Inspiring interns convinced me to go for an interview at Macquarie bank, and after the ensuing five weeks of interviews, I somehow managed to land the job! I am now two weeks in to my internship, and learning a huge amount of new information every day. I really didn’t know anything to do with finance before I started!

I never imagined I’d work at a bank, and without Inspiring Interns I wouldn’t be doing this incredible internship, which could turn into a permanent position if I decide stock broking is for me. So be open, you never know where you may end up! And get help from a graduate recruitment agency. Inspiring Interns can make your job of finding a job a whole lot easier, and they could find you your dream job that you didn’t even know existed.’

Amelia Dabell

Happy Halloween nights out & discounts in London & Manchester with DesignMyNight.com

Happy Halloween nights out & discounts in London & Manchester with DesignMyNight.com


Day of The Dead[6]London is getting into the spirit of things this Halloween by hosting an array of spook-tacular events. Our first recommendation is Day of The Dead Halloween Party, held in Paradise by Way of Kensal Green. The £4 early bird tickets may have already been snapped up, but more tickets are available at the still reasonable price of £6. Everything kicks off at 8pm and zombies, skeletons and the rest of the horror show can return to the graveyard at 2AM.

Game of Thrones[3]If that doesn’t take your fancy, there is a Game of Thrones Halloween Party in Finsbury Square, where fangirls and guys everywhere will flock. You’ll find Night’s Watch and maybe the odd White Walker but be warned, you must leave your dragon glass at the door. You’re in for a treat, with no tricks in site if you book in advance through DesignMyNight.com with 25% off the ticket price!

Are you on the hunt for a little sexy sophistication? Halloween Ball Noir Hosted by Madame Noir is your best bet yet. Glistening scary costumes are encouraged and raunchy party antics can be expected. Tickets aren’t cheap, at £20 a head, but it promises to be one hell of a night to remember.


Milton Club[3]This October, Manchester monsters and misfits will get the opportunity to visit The Milton Club; a members only bar putting on a show for it’s All Hallows party. Those wanting to steer clear of face paint and fancy dress, but still indulge in spooky celebrations – this is for you. Try the smoking cocktails, trick or treat shots and enjoy free entry before 9PM (£10 after, open til 4AM).

IUltimate Power[6]f avoiding the face paint this Halloween is out of the question for you and your ghoulish friends, head to Ultimate Power Presents Bat Out of Helloween Special where fancy dress is essential. Tickets are £9 and your elfin ears will be treated to an excellent selection of classic get-the-party started tunes.

Leighanne is marketing & PR executive at designmynight.com

All photos are property of designmynight.com

Graduate’s Unusual Skill Wins Him a Top Job…

Graduate’s Unusual Skill Wins Him a Top Job…

Together with Bidstack, Inspiring Interns gave six top graduates the chance to win a 30k-a-year job by impressing an audience with their Video CV skills.


George Mayfield was crowned the winner after wowing the audience with his parkour skills – combining his impressive pitch with some death-defying stunts around famous London landmarks. The Newcastle Uni graduate will join Bidstack in a marketing role following his victory.

Thousands of votes were cast during the day via our online poll – you can check out the rest of the entries on that page. Later on at the ‘Bidstack Live’ event at the O2 Arena on Friday night, the graduates saw their videos shown on Cineworld’s ‘Superscreen’ and attendees were then given a chance to cast their vote.

Bidstack Live was the latest successful event hosted by Bidstack, an online platform that lets users bid for unused digital advertising space, allowing them to buy segments of ad time without the middle man and without having to commit to large budgets. George will now play his part in helping Bidstack founder James Draper grow this dynamic company even more.

George celebrated his win in trademark fashion – by showing off his acrobatic skills.

Inspiring Interns CEO Ben Rosen also announced at the event that the five runners-up would all receive help from Inspiring to find internships or graduate jobs.

Ben Rosen introduces the six finalists


Graduate goes for glory in video CV bid to take home £30k job in 02 arena competition

Graduate goes for glory in video CV bid to take home £30k job in 02 arena competition

History graduate Andrew skyrocketed to academic fame during his time at Durham university.

Multiple work experience placements at The Telegraph have seen Andrew hone his communication, interview and writing skills.

A keen interest in sport, previous volunteering experience and digital skills including: Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, make Andrew a credible candidate in this competition. He also speaks French. Oh la la.

He’s ready to embrace the startup community and send Bidstack soaring up the success charts. Are you ready?

Click here to watch all video CVs and vote.

UCL star student enters into X-Factor style video CV competition to win a £30k graduate job!

UCL star student enters into X-Factor style video CV competition to win a £30k graduate job!

UCL graduate Kate is fresh from securing a 2:1 in English Literature at one of the UK’s top universities.

Kate’s IT skills include: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Microsoft Office, social media management and Tweetdeck. Snazzy.

With experience working in a start-up, Kate, until recently, was Creative Director of Free Hype – the UK’s first pro-bono creative agency. Responsibilities included: delivering projects, honing her leadership skills and ensuring client briefs were met to a high standard.

Kate’s ready to get creative in a new role and Bidstack is her next target.

Click here to watch all video CVs and vote.