Intern vs Recruiter: Inspiring film review of Warner Bros The Intern

Intern vs Recruiter: Inspiring film review of Warner Bros The Intern


When a film (or anything) comes out about an internship – we wanna know what it’s all about. Our very own intern Jake and Talent Development Exec. Naomi were invited to The Intern movie preview to see how Bobby De Niro could fair in the fast-paced world of internships and start ups.

For those who don’t know, Robert De Niro plays a 70 year old widower, bored and restless in his retirement years. Looking for ways to keep busy, he successfully applies to be a ‘senior intern’ in Anne Hathaway’s start-up online fashion company in Brooklyn.

How well do you think Robert De Niro performed as an intern?

I was really jealous of him! He smashed it! He started off with little idea of what to do – how to use the computers, who to talk to and about what. He also had a similar first day to me. De Niro’s boss (Hathaway) didn’t initially delegate responsibility because he wasn’t trained yet, but within a few weeks he was off to San Francisco on a first class flight giving the boss business and life advice! I was jealous because he didn’t appear to have worries outside of work. The man had a ridiculous house somewhere in Brooklyn (good pension?) with a tie rack that spun around on a conveyer belt in his closet. I live with mum and dad and only have two neck ties! So yeah, I thought he was a good intern, but he had it easy.

Naomi – would you like to have Robert De Niro intern for you?

Yes! It’s Robert De NThe Intern Movie Inspiring Interns 432iro isn’t it. He can stay there as long as he likes. On a professional level though it could cause some issues. I don’t want to make a sweeping generalisation about older generations, but they can be slow with technology. I’d have to spend a whole day trying to explain how the computer works, and that’s just the start! Anne Hathaway was lucky.

Robert De Niro had to film a video CV, Inspiring Interns have started a trend! What did you think of his video?

I’m a hardened recruiter, so I’ll say it how it is. He didn’t mention his skills; he talked about why he wanted the role, not why he is good for the role. He was also inappropriately dressed. He was smartly dressed, but had he researched the fashion company he was applying to, he might have opted for something other than a suit and tie combo. However! De Niro used his initiative and was proactive because he filmed the video CV from home. We love from our Inspiring Interns’ candidates to be proactive.

The Intern Moive 123 Inspiring InternsJake
I’m a big softy, maybe because I haven’t been at Inspiring Interns for long, but I’m gonna give him some credit! He used a good camera, thought about the background, and showed off his personality. It was quirky and he was relaxed and approachable. I thought it was good!

Would you work for Anne Hathaway’s start-up business?

I saw a lot of similarities with Inspiring Interns! From the office puppy (check out sheepdog Indy on Twitter), to the contemporary, relaxed start-up office environment with work-hard play-hard vibes. I’m not interested in working in fashion, so I’d rather stick around here! Brooklyn could be a great place to live though…

Finally, how would you sum up The Intern movie?

Heartwarming! (She’s a softy deep down) Slightly unrealistic, but it is Hollywood so we can make allowances for the artistic licence.

A nice, easy watching film. Good for a rainy day, but not the best thing I’ve ever seen. A modern take on the workplace and working life, with Hathaway as the successful breadwinner and her husband staying at home. Office life doesn’t have to be all corporate and grey suits. It was so cheesy, but I can handle that every now and again.

As an intern myself, in a roundabout way I think it represented us [interns] nicely. It’s non-stop when you take on an internship and you don’t always know what you’re going to be asked to do from one day to the next. You have to learn fast, ask questions and keep up, but that’s the fun of it!

Thanks Warner Bros for the tickets to the preview, and thanks Jake and Naomi for the film review and interesting internship advice.

Editorial Article: Graduate job recruitment needs to be more eHarmony, less Tinder

Editorial Article: Graduate job recruitment needs to be more eHarmony, less Tinder

We recently wrote this editorial for Figaro Digital online magazine.
See what you think!

Katie AppleFigaro Digital Inspiring Interns Digital Recruitmentby, Senior Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns, discusses what recruitment can learn from dating

Tinder’s homepage reads loud and clear: “Any swipe can change your life.” A nod to how quickly matches can be made and how many options are available to users. eHarmony, on the contrary, considers itself “The Brains Behind The Butterflies.” They take the time to get to know online community members to ensure matches made are long-lasting and meaningful.

Recruitment, with its constant communication and speedy solutions, instinctively feels more aligned to Tinder than eHarmony, but times are changing.

It’s no longer about a quick recruitment solution in exchange for commission. The new and improved goal is to make valuable matches that stand the test of time. The difference between dating and recruitment is that these long-lasting matches aren’t only valuable, but profitable. Growing businesses can reap the rewards of additional staff with outstanding skillsets like computer science, and those accepting new positions boost their CV and their bank account with a new, higher level role.

Having recently relaunched online, Inspiring Interns are positioning themselves as the eHarmony of recruitment, taking the time to talk in-depth to employer and employee in order to find an ideal solution for both parties. A much talked about topic in employment-related news of late is the increasing importance of company culture, values and a sense of community in the workplace. Employers, employees and now recruiters are aligned in their quest to make matches where values, work ethic and ethos is shared. Recruiters need to go beyond competency or convenience-based matches, focusing instead on the quality of each placement. In turn, this will lead to a higher quantity of placed candidates and increased longevity.

eHarmony and Tinder are widely available online, with the former starting out as a website and the latter an app. The different choices in launch platforms is a testament to the decade in which each was launched: eHarmony in 1997; Tinder available to download in 2012. Now? It’s 2015 and the recruitment process has also been forced to adapt, go digital and most notably, go mobile.

Being tech savvy is no longer only applicable to the tech team building and supporting a business. According to City AM, the number of tech start-ups in London and the UK is growing exponentially. In an increasingly app-based market, candidates with technical IT skills such as JavaScript, C++ and Python are highly sought after. When it comes to employment solutions, millenials “have shown they want a different application experience, one that brings jobs to them quickly and easily.”

Companies that don’t have an erudite mobile strategy are likely to miss out on future recruitment gains. Unlike Tinder, Happen and Hinge with their fully functioning apps, the recruitment industry still has a lot of work to do to ‘go mobile’. As Ashley Pelliccione, Director of People at Namely, says, “I don’t think we’ve figured out how it [app development] fits into the recruiting landscape yet. It will take the research and buy-in of recruiters, developers and job seekers before it becomes a truly valuable tool for all parties.”

Inspiring Interns have gone a step further in digitalizing the recruitment process, with the creation of video CVs. Watch 60 second video CVs of top university graduates seeking employment online now at:

Creative Pool Party 2015: LinkedIn for creatives in London

Creative Pool Party 2015: LinkedIn for creatives in London

This pool party that was more Stella in rain-soaked Shoreditch, than cocktails in sunny St Tropez, but we loved it. Inspiring and a host of cool companies like 90 seconds and Taylor James partnered with Creative Pool to bring together co-founders, designers, developers, agencies and account managers in beautiful surroundings with beer from bar sponsors (that’s us!) tech from rewind and magic from creative translation.

We met Inspiring Interns success stories who have gone on to forge successful careers in the creative industries after internships! Result.

Creative Pool Party 2015 Inspiring Interns

Inspiring Interns Creative Pool London Shoredtich
Spot our Client Services Manager Louise! She’s in the mix above.

123 LI S K Inspiring Interns Graduate Jobs Internships Paid London Manchester Creative Pool Event Careers Advice Shoreditch
Trying and sort-of-failing to take a selfie with Sam, Head of Sales.

Great Time Creative Pool Party London 2015 Inspiring Interns
This guy had THE BEST time.


Find out more about what happened at Pool Party London 2015.

Thanks to Creativepool for hosting and inviting us to be part of it!

Image credits: Creativepool

Graduate job search success! Nicole’s story

Graduate job search success! Nicole’s story

Name: Nicole
Degree: BA History, 2:1
University: Manchester
Grad job: SUCCESS


Nicole’s story is a great example of how quickly you can find a graduate job with the right support. This support is available in the form of specialist graduate recruiters who will find jobs and internships to match your requirements and highlight new, unknown career options. Qualifications are important, but attitude, personality and values are essential factors recruiters consider when connecting candidates to companies.

Where to start applying for graduate jobs
It’s difficult to know where to start when you’re fresh out of uni and ready for a job. Accessing the right people and working out who those people are, is tough. Nicole started on social media and searching job boards like Reed and Indeed for the latest vacancies when she came across Inspiring Interns. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Inspiring that Nicole took the next step and applied online. The application process? Three minutes. Upload your CV and complete a preferences form.

“I had a couple of knockbacks including making it to the final stages of a number of assessment centres like the Money Supermarket grad scheme.”

Interviewing and preparation
“Inspiring Interns waInspiring Interns front room walk through the wardrobes a completely different challenge and it was the best possible outcome for me. The service was superb, everyone was helpful and the one-to-one consultations were great.”

If successful (the expected wait time to hear whether you have been successful is five working days, however in peak times it can be longer), candidates are invited into the Inspiring office in London or Manchester. Their video CV is filmed, they then decide which jobs and internships are of interest.

“The talent development team gave me an iPad and made me a cup of tea, then helped me research the company and went over the details of the role.”

Nicole registered with us, came to London to film her video CV and interviewed for a job three hours later! Nicole performed exceptionally well in her interview and was offered a graduate job the next day. Naomi, the recruiter who met with Nicole and filmed her video CV, described her as “sparky, determined, reliable and switched on”. What a first impression!

What happened next?
The client, a global mobile communications company, couldn’t wait to snap up Nicole and her skills, and she was thrilled with the quick turnaround. The high quality of ambitious graduates registered with Inspiring Interns means clients, who range from start-ups to big brands, make quick decisions about who to hire.

“My recruiter negotiated me a good deal and I’m really enjoying my job. It’s fast-paced and there’s a lot of variety in what I do day-to-day, so it’s never boring.”

Nicole’s top tips:

“Be open minded, go with the flow and be prepared for anything.”

“Expect the unexpected with Inspiring Interns. Go for it! I did and it was the best thing I could have done.”

Guardian Careers feat. Inspiring Interns: CV boost with volunteering & internships

Guardian Careers feat. Inspiring Interns: CV boost with volunteering & internships


Using a gap year to increase your graduate job prospects.

Taking a year off to travel isn’t a bad thing. Embarking on a three or six month adventure and spending the next few months working in retail or hospitality to pay it off won’t look bad on your CV either. If your time and activities are documented and dated correctly, with no gaps or gaps explained e.g. you were climbing Kilimanjaro, your CV could still smash it.

A live Q&A with Guardian Careers expert panelists today revealed top tips and key careers advice for those with volunteering experience looking to launch their careers, but unsure how to document their story for a CV.

Top tips:

1. Engage in meaningful work experience, volunteering or internships during your time out of education and employment. Never underestimate or undersell the power that work experience and volunteering can have when applying for an internship or job.

2. Indulge in the culture of cities and make an effort to learn the language. A second language (or more!) on your CV will instantly attract the attention of a recruiter or employer.

3. Be open and honest about your experience on your CV and in interviews. Employers are OK with gap years, even if it’s just for travel.

4. Transferable skills gained during your gap year/months will help you to become a stronger, more confident person. This will enhance your ability to interview well in the future. Confidence is key!

5. If you have a career idea in mind, try and align that with the experiences you undertake during your gap year, volunteering or working.

6. Employers like graduates with good academics and experience. If your gap year includes undertaking some experience, be it to find out about careers, save money or volunteer, it speaks volumes to your work ethic and outlook on your career. If you only took the year to travel, explore and have a good time, it won’t be held against you.

7. Have a great time, try new things and savour the experience!

Panelists included Joe Hallwood, founder of, Sophie Graham from the National Careers Service and our very own Arthur Ashman, Head of Talent Development at Inspiring Interns.

Q&A organised by Guardian Careers’ Charlotte Seagar.

Katie is Senior Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.

Kick start-up your career: connecting graduates with SMEs

Kick start-up your career: connecting graduates with SMEs

CoolcompanycultureA 2014 LinkedIn study (Student Recruitment 2.0) asked students what they value most when considering a job. The answer? Work/life balance came in on top, closely followed by benefits, company culture, clear career progression was in at number four, and a sense of pride about where you work was fifth out of five.

Work-hard. Play-hard.

Opportunities for the above values, alongside greater responsibility and flexibility are available when you join an SME. I can vouch for that. Having joined a start-up in 2014 who were making waves in the graduate recruitment industry, relatively little micro-management enabled me to have creative control over the content I was producing, assess the analytics of campaigns and get good work noticed.

20somethingIt’s 2k15 and twentysomethings are beginning to move away from the ‘big four’ and discovering a work-hard, play-hard attitude can be had in the workplace. Whilst at university, it isn’t always clear why only the big names on campus have an active, physical presence – advertising budgets. So, how can you get to know the exiting London and UK based start-ups? Universities are working to bridge this gap, but in the meantime, focus on targeted online research or use a graduate recruitment agency who do the job search for you. A recruiter is a free tool; connecting students and grads with great companies who are otherwise inaccessible.


TedtalksWhat are the important details? Consider; where you want to work, which industry, individual or company inspires you, which level e.g. entry, your experience and/or IT skills put you. Look beyond job listings, study success stories in your area of interest/expertise and how they started their career. LinkedIn is ideal for this.

Read careers advice articles like the graduate weapons series, which breaks down each industry and what you need to know.

When you then applyGraduateweaponsinspiringinterns, tailor your CV and cover letter to every application. Use stats and be specific when selling your skillset and personality on paper. You won’t make it to the interview stage in an application process with a generic application.

Here’s a little inspiration:

Latest graduate jobs and internships at SMEs, available now.

5 unstoppable females: from start-up to success

25 online business tools and apps for high-growth entrepreneurs

Katie is Senior Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.

Image credits: Hammocks, 20something, TEDTalks, Arnie.

August Bank Holiday going out guide:

August Bank Holiday going out guide:

Once again, we’re forced to say a wet (tears and rain) goodbye to August before it even feels like it’s started. To give the month a proper send-off, we asked the ultimate night-out seekers aka for the best Bank Holiday events in London and Manchester this weekend.

Read, plan, then party.


Turnt[5]How does £10 for seven hours of partying sound? Good? We thought so. Bank Holiday Sunday Turnt will see eight DJ’s grace Proud’s stage in Camden and mix a combination of hip-hop and house to keep the crowd going to the early hours.

If you’re seeking something a little different this weekend Silent Disco Vs Retro Gaming Masquerade Penthouse Party 500ft Up is sure to rock your socks off. Early bird tickets have already sold out (standard), but that still leaves standard tickets at £14 and six tickets for the price of five if you bulk buy. Happy hour is from 8pm – 10pm. Result.

Blues Kitchen[9]If it’s all about the music for you on a night out, take a stroll (or the overground) to Shoreditch. Blues Kitchen are hosting Bank Holiday Party – New Orleans Brass Band Festival. Live music will be played by some of the UK’s best brass bands and entry is free before 9.30pm.

Skip the club scene and go for something a little more chilled, with Indiana Jones Last Crusade Manor House Gardens Pop Up Screen. It promises to be a top notch evening of entertainment under the stars and you can bring your own picnic! (We’ve checked the forecast, and the August washout might just be on pause in time for the weekend, but we won’t jinx it).


Drunk at Vogue[11]Drunk at Vogue will add sparkle to your August Bank Holiday as you set sail down the River Irwell for a Mardi Gras themed extravaganza. All-day tickets start at £14, with an evening ticket coming in at £6. Take our advice and go the whole hog with an all-day ticket; you won’t regret it.

One of Manchester’s favourite late night venues are bringing a Bank Holiday Sunday Special with Lee Majors to life this weekend. He’s brought some of the brightest performers from the world of hip-hop and now he’s turning his attention to his own music. If this free entry event doesn’t take your fancy and you’re craving a full-on clubbing experience, hit up Not So Secret Warehouse. Early bird tickets are a reasonable £8.

Bangkok Bar are designating the coming weekend for Queer We Are Festival. The night will celebrate the scene in Manchester with art sessions, musical performances and crazy club nights. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Leighanne is marketing & PR executive at

All photos are property of

The top 10 graduate jobs & paid internships to apply for now: London

The top 10 graduate jobs & paid internships to apply for now: London


What are you waiting for? Click on an image to read more and apply:

2ndFashionInternshipPaidGraphicDesignInspiringInternsGraduateJobsLondonCreativeIndustries Marketing-Internship-Inspiring-Interns-Graduate-Jobs-Careers-Publishing-Graphic-Design JuniorCodingDeveloperGraduateJobEastLondonInspiringInternsGraduate-Administrator-4-month-internship-22914-healthcare-inspiring-interns-graduate-jobs-careers-london Active-Lifestyle-third-sector-graduate-job-paid-intershio-inspiring-internsJunior-Designer-paid-internship-one-month-graduate-job-inspiring-interns-inspiration-motivation-superheroesLondon-Financial-Analyst-Graduate-Job-Inspiring-Interns-Fin-tech-start-up-inspiration-motivationCustomer-experience-representative-london-graduate-job-inspring-internsGraduate-job-inspiring-interns-surrey-concert-tour-operator-german-frenchaccountmanagementpaidinternshiplondonsocialmediastartupinspriringinternsgraduatejobs

You are able to order a writing college essaysfrom the years experienced profeccionals


Image credits: GWF, Confetti, Pattern, Scrubs, Running, London Skyline, Superheroes, Coffee, Flags, Social.

Katie is Senior Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.

10 things to do at university to get a graduate job

10 things to do at university to get a graduate job

The job market ain’t easy. Last week we reported 70% of graduates are now achieving a 2:1, but don’t freak out. There are things you can do and need to be doing outside of the classroom during your time at university that will help towards securing that interview and ultimately a job after graduation. Employers want to see how you have spent the past three years. Partied hard? Thought so, but here’s how you can do a little extra and boost your CV and employability whilst still at uni:

This doesn’t always mean you have to get on a plane to teach in Thailand for six months. You can volunteer locally or at your university. Be proactive and approach local charities or not-for-profit organisations to gain relevant industry experience. For other industries, approach networking professionally and you could set up a week’s work shadowing during reading week or two days a week at a local agency. Any experience can help you decide what you want to do or confirm what you don’t. When you apply for jobs, you can back up claims like: “I’m a great sales person” with stats showing how much stock you sold in your part-time retail job. Smooth.

Google-maps-logo-inspiration-motivationEmployability schemes
Take part in employability schemes. A large number of university careers services offer self-reflective programmes that award and give feedback to students. It’s time to Google Maps that careers services building and make the most of the professionals who are there to help.

Monday-Let's-Do-This-Motivation-Inspiration-University-Careers-GraduateParty part-time
Get a part-time job to top up that experience and that £1-drinks-all-night-on-Monday’s fund at the same time. Juggling this alongside academic deadlines will improve your time management skills and give you the facts and figures to back up your CV when challenged in an interview.

Leeds-rag-fashion-show-inspiration-motivation-university-careersMake the most of media

Contribute to university media outlets. There are multiple opportunities ready for the taking on campus, including: writing for the university newspaper, hosting or producing a university radio/TV show or getting involved in the annual fashion show. (Leeds RAG fashion show, right)

Ready for responsibility?
The word is often scarier than the action. Consider holding a position of responsibility within a society or at the student’s union. This will tick the voluntary and the work experience box on your CV and enhance your people and communication skills.

Durham-Lacrosse-University-Sport-Careers-Student-GraduateSuper sporty
Play sport! Represent your uni at national and international competitions or just play for fun with your friends each week. Not only are you burning off last night’s beer, but you’re showing a future employer you’re proactive, a team player and passionate about something other than work or education. It’s important to show your personality. (See Durham university ladies lacrosse team, left).

Sell tickets for university events and develop your negotiation and relationship building skills. A lot of careers involve working with people, so being able to communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds is often essential.

Step up your social media

LinkedIn-Social-Media-Social-CV-Graduates-Student-UniversityGo beyond sharing unilad’s latest video and create strong a social profile on LinkedIn and check your privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking for a job in the creative industries, get involved in Pinterest, Instagram and follow what’s going on in the industry and contribute. LinkedIn is a recruiter’s best friend, so create a social CV and include your education, work experience and a profile picture!

This is particularly relevant if you’re thinking about a career in PR, communicatWordPresslogoinspirationmotivationblogstudentgraduateinspiringinternsions, marketing, editorial or otherwise. Improve and promote your writing skills and show an employer you’re willing to invest time in a project. Go one step further and use Google Analytics to track your blog’s progress and quote these stats in an interview if you hit a large number of sessions on your site. Sites like WordPress are free and easy to use.

Start your own business
Okay, this is a bit of a bigger deal, but the possibilities are endless. Tutor other students, sell on eBay, get involved in competitions seeking entrepreneurs and put your ideas forward to gain feedback, visibility in the industry/media and potentially funding.

Throughout university, remember to update your CV to include your extra-curricular activities and upon graduating, get in contact with Inspiring Interns!

Ellie is a Talent Development Executive at Inspiring Interns. She holds a BSc from Bristol university and leads market research at ii HQ in London.

Edited by Katie, Senior Marketing Executive.