What to do this weekend?

What to do this weekend?

It’s the freakin’ weekend! You spent all week on the job hunt and now it’s time to broaden your cultural horizons. It’s the last weekend in April and it’s a busy one in London. Here are the 4 top things to sample in the city, come rain or shine:

#1 London is an ever-expanding monster, which is why you should go the NLA galleries and get a bird’s eye view of it. New London Architecture has created a mini model of the beautiful city to educate the public about London’s past, present and future. Bonus points to those of you that can find Abbey Road on the 12.5m long interactive installation.

#2 Whether you’re into sports or not – you will be this weekend. Sunday 26th May 2015 brings with it the Virgin London Marathon and it’s an amazing day out for runners and supporters alike. Select your spot somewhere along the 26.2 mile route and cheer on the best marathon runners in the world (including Paula Radcliffe for one last time) and support the thousands of keen beans racing against each other and the clock. Good luck to everyone participating, let’s hope the sun comes out!

#3 Vodka testing & burgers. Now that’s got your attention hasn’t it? Covent Garden based independent restaurant Little Water have brought together these two classics in one swift motion. Check out their website for more information, you know you want to.

4# St George’s day rocked up last Thursday and patriotic celebrations are seeing in the weekend in style. Head to Trafalgar Square on Saturday for the Feast of St. George which promises cookery demos from celebrity chefs, delicious British food, live music, fun and games. Best of all? It’s absolutely free.

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Graduate job hunt: survival of the fittest

Graduate job hunt: survival of the fittest

Spending (what seems like) 48 hours a day crafting your perfect CV, choosing the nicest font, ensuring every work experience you’ve ever had is included and of course, mentioning how you’re a hard-working individual… Hold up! Have you thought about who will be reading your CV and what they might be looking for? Recruiters receive 100s of CV applications each day and they’re less interested in your choice of font than they are interested in spotting errors. A recruiter has specific roles in mind when quickly sifting through applications and they’re looking to compile a list of guys and gals that get the basics right.

As a graduate or student looking to secure an internship or job, it’s essential to get the fundamentals right. Follow the top tips listed below and don’t give recruiters or potential employers the chance to write off your application within those crucial first few seconds. The easier it is for those hiring to spot basic, key information – the higher your chances of passing onto the next stage of the process. Here are 5 of the basics you need to know:

What’s your story?

Your degree and dream job are a great match on paper, but when did you graduate? Recruiters are interested in how you got to where you are today and the route you took. Spent a gap year backpacking around Australia? Mention it! The less unexplained gaps in your CV and the more relevant details you give about what is on there, the easier it will be for the reader to see your development. And we love development! Structure your CV well and lead us through the years.

What’s your situation?

It’s staggering how often people leave crucial information out of applications. When applying for a job in London for example, it always helps if you are already there! And if you’re not, tell us how fast you can get there. A simple “willing to relocate to x, y or z immediately” can boost your chances. If you’re not a UK citizen, it’s worth noting that SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) are often not in a position to sponsor VISA applications, so outlining your citizenship and VISA situation in an application is also useful if applicable.


Simply put, your CV must not have spelling mistakes! Send your CV to someone or more than one person to check for any typos or grammatical errors. It is always worth checking, especially when it could be the difference between getting an interview or not.

What’s your USP?

Picture this: 10 people with the same degree, same grade from the same university apply for the same job. Who will be invited to interview? The candidate who is able to stand out and draw attention to what makes them different! Involved with a charity, organising events at university, winning prizes for outstanding achievements or writing a blog? Shout about it. Demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded individual and you could be one step closer to getting an interview and securing that job.


It’s impressive that you earned your own money by the age of 14 working at a summer ice-cream shop, but is it relevant to the that dream role in recruitment? The two months you spent organising your university society’s ball working with Excel and developing time management and organisational skills, will impress your potential future employer much more. Show how you needed to use skills that are relevant for your job in a practical situation and you will pass with flying colours. Oh, and remember to include stats to make your claims even more impressive.

MarkusA lover of all things music, Bayern Munich and beer – Markus is the latest talent to join the Inspiring Interns team!

Internships & graduate job advice: interviews

Internships & graduate job advice: interviews

Thinking on your feet in a interview situation is important. You can come with a question or two prepared, but it’s also good to react to the conversation and ask any questions that come to mind. This shows you are engaged. When interviewing, consider using the STAR technique to provide answers:

• Situation – set the context for your story.
• Task – what was required of you.
• Activity – what you actually did.
• Result – sell yourself with an impressive outcome!

How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the company goals?

A question like this shows initiative and an interest in strategy and planning ahead. Show your passionate about what the company is trying to do and the role that you could potentially play in that. As a graduate, your work experience is likely to be limited, so your passion and drive is even more important.

What skills and experience are you looking for in an ideal candidate?
If asked early on in an interview, this question can give you a chance to demonstrate how you meet these requirements. Having read a job description for the role and been invited to interview – you will have some idea of this, but further information will be revealed.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

This is a great chance for you to gain insight into company culture and whether you would be a good fit. A tech start-up in Shoreditch is a vastly different environment to a corporate agency in the City, so it’s good to gage what you can expect from an average working day, the environment and team.

Are there opportunities for training and career progression?

It’s useful to be aware of what you can expect in the future if you were offered the position. Your also giving the interviewer the opportunity to really sell the role and company to you.

What not to ask:

• How long is lunch?
• How many holiday days can I take?
• Can I bring my dog to work?

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Apps for concentration: the graduate job edition

Apps for concentration: the graduate job edition

Find yourself endlessly trawling through Buzzfeed, Mail Online and your Twitter feed when you should be concentrating on the task at hand? Whether your studying for exams or applying to jobs online – it’s easy to get distracted. Here are 6 apps to get you back on track:

SelfControl is a free Mac OS X application that let’s you block your own access to distracting websites, emails or anything else on the Internet. That’s right, prevent yourself from incessantly swiping left, right, up and down by setting an allotted time during which all sites you have added will be blacklisted. Simply hit “start” and from then on, until the timer you set expires, you will have restricted your own access. Suddenly found you have an even-more-than-usual burning desire to check your newsfeed? Restarting your computer and deleting the app won’t work, so crack on with that revision or graduatcold turkeye job searching (we recommend inspiringinterns.com) ‘coz until the timer runs out…

Similar: You can also stop procrastinating by going Cold Turkey. Good luck out there!

Toggl is an “instant productivity boost” allowing you to track your time in real time. Ideal for teams, it allows multiple users to share a space where they can assess progress, export timesheets, email reports and more. If you’re a student at university, this could be your seminar presentation group saviour or for graduates entering the world of work, it could be one to share with your new team.

Soundshade – If Spotify and Youtube are proving more a of distraction than an aid to your concentration, check out soundshade where you can “create your own soundscapes and relax with your own mix of quality nature sounds.”

Similar: OmmWriter – also known as your own private writing room – is somewhere you can get lost in your own creativity and concentration with the help of sounds, audio tracks and backgrounds to set your mood.



Lumosity – This app allows you to “enjoy games and tools developed by a team of neuroscientists.” Play 5 games in each of your daily workouts. Train 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week to exercise your brain and track your progress. The aim? Boost your productivity with exercises when you’re not working, so that when you are – you’re the sharpest tool in the box.


Katie is a marketing executive at Inspiring Interns. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.

April antics with Design My Night

April antics with Design My Night

Are you on the hunt for an unforgettable Easter weekend? Forget searching for chocolate eggs, we’re bringing you the London and Manchester must-see events and parties. Get ready!


If a cheap night out is on the cards, you need to check this out. Live Wire Free Party at Gorilla and Thirdeye Presents a Free Party will both let you in for free before 12pm, which logically means an extra Jagger Bomb at the bar, right? Both clubs have special guests on the night and are certain to mix up your typical Easter four-day weekender with some serious tunes.

Head to Kaluki Presents Jackmaster and be treated to disco classics, house beats and forgotten dance anthems. Deeper House Presents the Fun House at XOLO is sure to shake up your Sunday night, harbouring huge party vibes so if you’re a lover of deep techno you’d be an (April) fool to miss it!

Taking a sharp right away from contemporary tunes, is the I Am The Ressurection: Easter Party with their strictly 90’s only night. Classics from the likes of Oasis will get you cutting shapes on the dancefloor and if one thing is for sure, Manchester is bringing it’s a game to town this April.


Party animal? Xclusive Touch are hosting a fifteen hour marathon of music:Lost in Wonderland at the McQueen in Shoreditch spanning three floors. For something a bit more risqué, get a ticket to Aeronauts Easter Circus Spectacular for £12. Expect fire breathers, comedy and more to keep you entertained.

If love is what you’re looking for, stop swiping left and right on that smartphone and challenge yourself to a night that says “Balls to Dating”. Lock eyes over the ping-pong tables and expect fun and games hosted by the organisers.

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Sales: graduate careers advice 2015

Sales: graduate careers advice 2015

Considered a career in sales? No? You’re not alone. Listen closely young grasshopper, because we might be about to open your eyes. This is a career path shrouded in a little mystery and a whole lot of misconceptions about how you can expect to spend your day and how great your future prospects could be as a result of work experience in sales. Get ready to explore an environment where entry-level salaries start anywhere between £18,000 and £24,000, fast-track progression opportunities are high and enticing company perks exist; from coffee to a car allowance.

Famous faces

A whole host of famous faces in business, technology and media started out in sales, so if you can’t beat them, join them? Steve Jobs, Richard Branson (pictured), Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton are all in this alumni, along with David Ogilvy – the legendary advertising executive responsible for creating iconic campaigns for Rolls-Royce and Dove. Ogilvy’s first job was a door-to-door salesman selling cookers. He was so successful, he was asked by his employer to author a guide (for the benefit of his co-workers) revealing the tips of the trade.

Transferable skills

An internship or grad job in sales can lead to great things, so it’s a fantastic place to start. Interpersonal and transferable skills learnt on the job will boost your CV and future employability in turn. These include; the ability to communicate effectively and learning the art or power of persuasion. You can use business connections and professional relationships developed to move into other areas of expertise like business development, marketing or consultancy. Alternatively, venturing into a specific area of sales is a common career path. You could be working in media focusing on advertising, planning and buying, or working your way up in the pharmaceutical, educational or technology industries. Are the possibilities starting to sound endless? Well, they are!

Why start out in sales?

In this instance, hard work pays off! Literally. Employers pay a basic salary, plus commission and a bonus structure when individual and/or team targets are met. Some companies even have uncapped commission structures, meaning there could (in theory) be no limit to your earnings. One thing you can expect from an internship, graduate scheme or job in sales, is a great deal of support, quality training and clearly laid out progression plans. The fast-paced nature of the environment means you can also expect to learn on the job.

What does an employer want?

Previous experience in retail or otherwise is always desirable, but if your experience is limited, do not despair. Companies look to take on graduates who are eager and quick to learn, and train them to be expert salespeople. If you’re still a student or in the interim between graduation and employment, there are ways in which you can shape your CV in the meantime. Consider volunteering for a charity or organisation where you could support a sales team and experience working in a target-driven environment. It’s also useful to think of examples you could quote in an interview situation to demonstrate your skills and impress an interviewer. Examples of presenting to big crowds at an event or managing a budget as treasurer of a university society will be of interest to an employer. If you can support your claims with numbers – even better! How many people were at the event? How big was the budget? Specifics will ensure you come across organised and professional, with good attention to detail.

What do I want?

If you’re a graduate ready to set yourself up on a financially rewarding career path, head over to the Inspiring Interns vacancies page and browse by sector. Hit ‘sales’ and peruse the job specs for more information about salary, different companies, perks and more.

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Start before summer: 5 ways students can spring into action

Start before summer: 5 ways students can spring into action

Life after university ain’t easy, but you can make the career decision-making process a little easier with the following tips and advice:

1. Use the free tools available

You may be unaware, or unsure, of some of the services on offer in life after university careers services and on-hand tutors. Recruitment agencies can be an asset to job-hunting graduates; opening your eyes to new opportunities, or matching your education and experience to roles in companies you didn’t previously have access to.
(Here’s a snapshot into the kind of company culture you can expect at Inspiring Interns HQ!)
Make the most of a service that is not only free, but tailored to your needs and requirements. Finding a company culture that matches what you’re looking for is equally as important as an employer wanting to find the right fit for their business; it’s a two-way street! Aside from agencies, there’s a wealth of information online whether that’s a blog series offering advice or a free online course to teach you how to code. CV-boosting activities such as these are incredibly useful, particularly when your relevant work experience (as a graduate) is likely to be limited.

2. Apply to internships

The summer rush to secure that dream graduate job or scheme is just around the corner, but if you’ve already said “see ya!” to university, why wait? There are opportunities available now that could put you ahead of the competition. Undertaking an internship in spring could ensure you’re employed full-time by the host company come summer. Enhance your employability as a direct result of relevant work experience; check out our latest vacancies for inspiration.

3. Volunteer

Still a student? It’s not too late to offer your time to university societies or charities and make your job application shine at the same time! Volunteering looks great on your CV and it’s a great feeling to be able to give something back to a community or cause. In between exams and making the most of the last few months at uni, it’s great to get involved. Remember, employers want to see flashes of your personality in job applications and they will be interested in activities you’ve been involved in outside of the office or classroom.

4. Research requirements

It’s okay to be unsure of the demands of certain industries or who the “ideal candidate” really is, but there are ways you can find out. For starters, check out the graduate reading list for industry-specific advice on which websites to check out and publications to read. Next up, it might not sound like the most exciting thing you’ve heard all day, but reading job specifications will give you an insight into the qualifications and characteristics required for different roles. You can also expect to discover more about the type of companies hiring and the perks different roles have to offer. Look out for career progression opportunities, fun activities and super smart team members to learn from.

5. Make connections

If you think you know which career direction you want to go in, start reaching out and trying to network with the industry insiders. Try to stand out, but be professional at the same time! Basic etiquette when it comes to phone calls and emails, and common sense are important here. It sounds obvious, but acknowledging that people are busy and showing appreciation for any help or direction they can give, can open doors. Network, email, enquire and establish relationships so when it comes time to sending an application, you have a way in.

For undergrads looking for summer work experience, check out this brand new APSCo recruitment internship, available in locations across the UK. Click here to apply!

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March madness: the weekend on a budget!

March madness: the weekend on a budget!

The madness of March has started! In between Mother’s Day and Saint Patrick’s, we will no doubt be left scrounging for coins deep in our pockets and at the bottom of our bags. To guide us gently into spring, but still help us save enough money to treat our dear Mum’s, Designmynight.com have scoped out the best cheap and cheerful ideas to ensure we fly through the month.

Mother’s Day & St Patricks Day – Manchester

We all want to wine and dine our number one supporter on Mother’s Day. This can be hard, especially when living on the bread line whilst waiting for your big break! Rosylee Tea Rooms offers a competitively priced two course menu with lavish dishes for under £20, while over at Manchester 235 you can get your hands on a three course meal complete with live entertainment for £25. These options mean you can spoil your Mum without worrying about the price tag.

Paddies Day is defined by craic, so deck yourself out in green and embrace the Irish culture. Although it can prove to be an expensive day and night; there are plenty of ways to save a few quid. The Tiger Tiger crew in Manchester will be hosting happy hour from 5-9pm on the 17th to help you get into the swing of things with party anthems encouraging the crowds to get their Irish jig on. If you don’t plan to spend all day in the pub, take a stroll around town then head to O’Sheas Irish Bar for a quick pint of the Irish classic.

Mother’s Day & St Patricks Day – London

London caters for everyone’s tastes, so whether your Mum would love a posh meal or a low key drink, you’ll find it in the big smoke. The Breakfast Club at London Bridge will see every Mum eat for free on the 17th. Aside from the fact it would be rude not to indulge in a free breakfast, the food and atmosphere is great and no one has to wash up! Little Nan’s Bar is hosting a quirky pop up afternoon tea, set to tickle all taste buds on the 15th. For £25 per head, you can expect a selection of delicate bites from carrot cake to pork pies, and the price includes 2 cocktails. Bargain?

Crawl your way through Shoreditch on St. Patricks Day with The Shoreditch Pub Crawl posse. You’ll get free entry to five happening venues, five shots (one in each place, great maths) with whacky accessories to match. If all this isn’t enough, the discounted drinks should do the trick. Meet some great people on this raucous night out and choose from three dates (14th, 15th & 17th) to fit around your social schedule.

Elsewhere, Gigalum is having a full Irish take over on the 17th. Expect discounted bevvies, 2-4-1 Shamrocktails (you heard) and top Irish DJ’s. Entry is free and there are promises of a whole lotta banter from the moment they open their doors. See you there!

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7 top graduate roles to apply for this weekend

7 top graduate roles to apply for this weekend

Spring into action! Here’s our pick of the top 7 graduate internships and jobs to apply for this weekend:

Graduate Scheme | London

This graduate scheme is a great mixture of business development, marketing and sales, and you’ll develop strong skills in all of these areas. The company culture is fantastic with a young, dynamic team and perks including; free on-site gym and Costa coffee! If you’d like to be considered for this immediate exciting opportunity, please send your CV direct to: sam@inspiringinterns.com

Financial Investment and Fund Management Internship | London

This is a three month internship paying £1k p/m, with a view to going full-time. Established by two experienced investment bankers from Goldman Sachs this company are launching a new fund focused on investment into British precision engineering. This is an exciting opportunity to fast-track your experience in investment banking and fund management and learn from the best. Hit the title link to send your CV and apply today.

Rugby World Cup Sales Internship

As the licensee for the Official Rugby World Cup 2015 Travel Guide, this company is looking for dynamic, ambitious grads seeking experience in sales and marketing within a publishing company. Expect a vibrant office in Covent Garden, an experienced team, free breakfasts and free drinks in the office! Hit the title link to find out more and apply.

German-speaking Business Development Internship | Manchester

Start on £17k-£21k at this global company with the opportunity to travel to the US and work across different departments. Put your language skills to good use and gain an understanding of the business and help it grow.

Media Planner Buyer Internship | London

Join an ambitious team with experience developing and managing successful multi-channel lead generation campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands! From marketing campaigns to detailed analysis, this is a fantastic opportunity to start your career in digital and learn and progress quickly.

International Business Development Consultant | London

One of the fastest growing companies within education technology sector needs you! Join the small but rapidly growing team and expect your career to skyrocket. This is a great chance to make an impact in a fast-paced environment. What are you waiting for?

Financial Sales Advisor | Manchester

This Sunday Times Top 100 company is looking for confident, dynamic grads to join their ranks! If you’re proficient in IT with the numerical skills to match, this Manchester based company could be the one for you. This role is full-time, starting on a salary of £15k with an OTE of up to £35k.

Katie is a digital marketing executive at Inspiring. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.