5 ways volunteering abroad can help your CV

Volunteering abroad can offer many advantages, such as providing an opportunity to meet new people, explore a new culture and utilise your unique skills to give back to the community that welcomes you: it’s obviously great for personal development. But is it a good decision when you are trying to enter a professional career?

Here are 5 ways that volunteering abroad will benefit your CV and help you in your future quest for employment.


Whatever kind of volunteering you decide to embark on, the chances are you will be working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Having volunteering on your CV demonstrates your ability to work well in a team despite these differences. It proves that no matter who comprises the team, you can still effectively accomplish a common goal. It also shows that you can adapt how you work and communicate so that these differences do not hinder the job at hand.

Additionally, volunteering requires an intense sense of teamwork from the offset and illuminates your ability to effectively form working relationships with people you do not know. This is a skill that can be transferable to the professional workforce as you will often work with unfamiliar people.


Volunteering abroad offers you a great opportunity to develop invaluable leadership skills. You will have to think independently and make informed decisions quickly, often without guidance. For example, if you teach abroad you will be responsible for a group of individuals and must think on your feet to diminish any issues that arise. Naturally, this will also allow you to gain confidence in your leadership skills. You can carry this confidence with you to any future employment with pride.

Unique work experience

Employers are inundated by applications displaying incredibly similar credentials and work experience. Volunteering abroad provides a unique experience which could help your application stand out from the pile. In many ways, volunteering abroad is more impressive than experience obtained in your home country. This is because it bears more challenges that must be overcome to succeed. Therefore, it allows the employer to immediately recognise your resilience and dedication.

Language skills

Volunteering abroad also exposes you to a new language.  It completely immerses you in the country and allows you to inevitably pick up on the language spoken. With a bit of determination, you may even return home fluent! Languages are best learnt through practice, so you may be surprised by just how quick you learn!

The ability to speak another language is beneficial when applying for jobs and is a sought-after skill by employers! Once again it is a huge indicator of an applicant’s dedication and work ethic.

Cultural awareness

By deciding to volunteer in another country, you will gain knowledge and insight into other cultures which will impact how you perceive the world. Many employers will recognise this as a positive attribute because it allows you to approach tasks through a unique lens. You will become more considerate of others and be able to understand more clearly how your decisions will affect others. This is a pivotal skill for the workplace. In the workplace, you must always consider the bigger picture and consequences of your actions.

As you can see, volunteering abroad can really help boost your CV and impress any potential employers! The personal development and confidence you will gain through volunteering will also aid you greatly in future interviews. It will also allow you to easily assert your place in the, sometimes intimidating, professional world!

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