keeping fit

There’s no worse feeling than watching money dwindle from your bank account on a gym membership you’re not using, or spotting sports clothes in your wardrobe with the label still attached.

STAR interview technique

You think the interview went perfectly – eye contact, steady voice, dashing smile – but somehow you didn’t get the job. You mentioned every relevant piece of work experience you’ve acquired, but your chances may have been dashed by not using the ‘STAR’ technique. What is ‘STAR’? It stands for Situation, Task, Approach.


Christmas break was all fun and games and eating your body weight in mince pies and pigs in blankets. But then exams and deadlines start to creep up on you until, by the Easter holidays, you just can’t ignore them anymore.

Uni life is stressful - at least, for most students. Whether you need help with writing essays, online shopping or planning for your future career, these sites and extensions will make everything that bit easier.

Drinking isn't an essential part of the uni experience. Still, for the majority of students, nights out are a huge stretch on their budget. Students spend as much as £200 on drink in Freshers’ Week alone.

It’s moving day and you can barely see out of the window of your parents’ car for boxes, bags and bedding. Then you move into your flat and realise that ten of you have brought the exact same tin opener, and that your room is full of things you’ve never used or worn since Year 8.

Heading into an interview, you probably know the answers to questions about your skills and experience by heart. So what would you do if a potential employer asked you how you feel when you break a promise, or whether you prefer finishing or starting tasks?