8 Things You Should NOT Bring To Uni!

It’s moving day and you can barely see out of the window of your parents’ car for boxes, bags and bedding. Then you move into your flat and realise that ten of you have brought the exact same tin opener, and that your room is full of things you’ve never used or worn since Year 8.

Heading off for the new term? Here’s a list of the top items you should leave at home.



When it comes to kitchenware, stick with the basics: cutlery, tableware, pots, pans and a wooden spoon. Anything else, such as peelers, tin openers, spatulas and whisks, you can either buy at discount stores or share with flatmates. This will free up your limited kitchen storage space and avoid confusion over whose item is whose on the draining board.


More than one of anything

The more plates and bowls you own, the more likely you are to leave dirty dishes on the side and only clean them when you’ve run out of things to eat on. If you limit yourself to one of everything, you’ll be forced to wash up after each meal.


Summer clothes

Assuming that you’ll be heading home for the Christmas holidays, you don’t have to pack shorts, strappy tops or sandals. The weather will turn wintery soon after Freshers Week at most UK unis; jumpers, jeans and long tops should take up the majority of your wardrobe.



The money box your friend made with papier maché? The childhood trophies, teddy bears and souvenirs? Leave them behind or even throw them away. You’ll only collect more clutter as the year goes by – freebie mugs, posters and printed photos of friends – so you’ll be glad you had a tidy, minimalist room to start with.


All of your set texts

Rather than spending hundreds of pounds on Amazon, check your university library to see whether they have the books you need. You may prefer to scribble and highlight, but this can easily be done with see-through post it notes.

Depending on your course, you may find that you don’t have time to read every single text and need to be more selective, or that some are available online.


Cardboard boxes

Packing your belongings into boxes might be the obvious first step for freshers, but using bags makes moving in much easier. They’re easier and quicker to carry, and plastic ones can be reused for your supermarket shop. Sturdier overnight bags are perfect for trips home.



Many students end up typing their notes in lectures. A few highlighters and pens might be useful when it comes to revision. However, unless your degree involves graphs and charts, you probably won’t use your rulers, protractors and compasses. Only take as many notebooks and folders as you have modules.


Games, DVDs and books

You probably feel like you can’t live without your Harry Potter movie box set or your five game consoles. But as soon as term starts you’ll be too busy working or spending time with friends to enjoy them.

As a general rule, consider how many times you’ll be going home and how many times you’ve used something recently before you pack it. Less is always more; saving money and avoiding clutter should be the priority.


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