Insomnia can be a real pain, especially when the anxieties and stresses of the day leave you hoping for a good night's sleep. You can lie for hours on end hoping to drift off, only to find negative thoughts circulating your head making you even more tense.

Don't get us wrong; you're bound to have a bit of a bad patch every now and again with your BFF. But adult life is complicated and it's easy for people to drift apart. Realising your friend isn't the person you thought they were means it's probably time to cut ties.

Are you feeling like a fake? Perhaps you believe you don't deserve what you've achieved? 'Imposter' syndrome is a common phenomenon and can be a huge problem for grads just starting out in their careers.

Taking a gap year can give you the real-world experience you need before settling down into work or study. A gap year well spent will give you the freedom to develop your subject area, travel and earn a bit of cash along the way too.

With students collecting their A-Levels recently, many young people are confused about the next step to take. While the obvious route is applying for university, many are left wondering whether taking on an apprenticeship is a better deal.

If you're thinking of heading to university next year, you'll need to start considering what you're going to include in your UCAS personal statement. Within the 4000 word limit, you're free to discuss the skills, ambitions, and experiences which may help secure your place on your dream course.

Are you off to university this autumn? If you're moving away from home, these top tips will help you breeze freshers week and ensure you're making the best of your experience: