Do’s and don’ts of a Christmas party

The festive season is here which means you’re bound to be invited to a Christmas party or two; one of which may be your annual office get-together.

Although your work colleagues may be your best friends, it can be difficult to judge how far to let your hair down when in the company of those you work with and most importantly – your boss.

So if you’re nervous about the upcoming office bash, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:



Pace yourself


Although it’s Christmas and it’s time to ‘drink and be merry’, you need to be aware of the consequences of getting absolutely trollied if you don’t pace yourself.

If you can handle your drink, then perhaps this won’t be too much of an issue for you, but if you’re someone who gets drunk very quickly and have had far too many occasions where you’ve ended up in a panic about what you got up to the night before – perhaps the office party isn’t the best opportunity to push yourself to the limit.

Ensure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach and drink water between drinks.


Find a buddy


If you’re worried about how the alcohol will affect you, it would be a good idea to find a friend who’s willing to travel to and from the venue with you, so you always have a companion.

The last thing you want is to be slumped in the corner at the very end of the night with no-one to look out for you and ensure you get home safely. Make a deal with one of your closest colleagues that you’ll stick together and will have each other’s back.


Steer clear from the mistletoe


The Christmas party isn’t perhaps the best time to announce your office crush and remember – mistletoe isn’t your friend, so don’t be tempted to whip it out and kiss someone you have your eye on in front of your entire group of colleagues.

Likewise, if you get offered a smooch, have a think about the consequences that may arise as a result of accepting it. Be aware of any cameras too – the last thing you want is a photographic reminder in the morning.


Dress appropriately


Remember you are still representing your company when you are out, so ensure you are dressed appropriately. Ensure you know the dress code before you attend, and if you’re stuck, ask your colleagues on what they are planning on wearing so you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.




Be honest


Allowing yourself to have a drink or two may make you feel much more relaxed in the company of your colleagues, but don’t allow yourself to become too open and honest about yourself or your opinions. There’s nothing worse than ‘accidentally’ revealing how you didn’t like a colleague upon meeting them or letting slip one of your biggest secrets.

Keep in mind that you have to sit face to face with these individuals once you’re back in the office, so don’t reveal too much about yourself that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable.


Talk too much about work


Although work may be one of the only factors you have in common with the majority of your colleagues, try not to make it the main focus of your conversations. You’re there to forget about the stresses of your job for just one night so don’t let it take over your precious social time. If however, you find there are awkward silences with colleagues you don’t know so well, you could start off with work-related chat, before branching off and getting to know them on a more personal level.

You could make this the chance to get on the good side of the boss to create a career advantage.


Leave too early


If you’re not too much of a night-howler, you may be attending the office bash just to show your face, but if you do decide to attend, don’t leave the celebrations too early.

If the party has paid for by the boss, you may come across as unappreciative to make a quick exit as soon as you’ve eaten your sit-down dinner. In most cases, a great deal of time and energy has gone into the planning process, so be sure you acknowledge whoever has organised the event and thank them.