5 Mistakes to avoid in your next interview

So you’ve found your dream job role, you’ve made the application and now you’ve been given that all-important interview.

Regardless of the career field you’re in, getting an interview is your chance to make a great impression as to why you should become a part of the team. Unfortunately, there are far too many applicants who blow their chance at securing the job in the first few minutes, due to not being aware of the crucial mistakes that should be avoided.

Don’t let this opportunity become one of your ‘if only’ moments. By remembering these huge mistakes to avoid in your next interview, you’ll have a better chance of securing your dream job:

Not knowing enough about the company

One of the key questions you’re bound to be asked is what you know about the organisation.

To research a company:

  • Look through the company’s website – their about page, blog, clients they work with
  • Look through their social media accounts.
  • Look them up on the news section of Google to see the latest press releases they’ve sent out.

If you fail to do prepare, it will appear as though you don’t have much interest in the company and therefore, aren’t worthy of being given the role.

Allow yourself to stand out from the crowd and put in the extra effort to find out the quirkier details about the company, rather than relying on the standard points other candidates will make. This will not only show the trait of good organisation but also, the willingness to learn.

Showing up late

It’s never a good idea to show up late for an interview, in fact, it’s potentially one of the worst mistakes you can make. Not only does it show a lack of time management, but also suggests that you can’t be bothered to make an effort. Always give yourself enough time in case you come across any obstacles that may hold you back.

Dressing inappropriately

Dependant on the company you work for, there may be a particular dress code to follow. Some companies, particular creative agencies allow for a more relaxed sense of dress, while others are far more strict and expect full suiting attire. If there’s any doubt, go for smart, or at the very least, smart casual.


Negative body language

If you struggle to look your interviewer in the eye, it may give the notion that they can’t trust you. Making eye contact is vital if you’re hoping to build a connection with your interviewer on a more personal level, as well as showing interest in what they have to say.

The same goes for body posture. The way we present ourselves says a lot about our thoughts and feelings, therefore, you need to be aware of how it can have an impact on your overall impression. Fidgeting in your seat or crossing your arms may reveal that you’re lacking in confidence, whereas reclining in your seat might show that you’re bored, lazy or don’t have much respect for the interviewer or company you’re hoping to work for.

As soon as you enter the interview room, be aware of your body language. Keep your posture straight with your feet firmly fixed to the floor  and be sure to look your interviewer in the eye during conversation.

Your phone rings

So, it’s not exactly your fault if your phone rings, but forgetting to turn it off or put it on silent is not only a big no-no, but is also hugely embarrassing. Your interviewer may feel that you’re not taking the process seriously if your phone notifications are ultimately more important than your interview. If it’s a necessity that your phone is left on due to an emergency, let your interviewer know beforehand.

phone rings

Bad-mouthing your boss

Your interviewer may ask you why you’re choosing to leave your current role (if you’re already employed) however, you should always play down the situation if it’s down to the fact that you don’t get on with your boss. No matter how true it all is, slamming your employer will only ring alarm bells in your interviewer’s mind that you may be difficult to work with. Cut out the personal remarks and be wary that every single word you say will be noted.

Instead, emphasise you are looking for a new challenge and the chance to progress in a new role. Always remain positive about the company and job spec at hand.