University is a time where some young people get their first try at total independence.

fish and chips

London is a place renowned for its expense in every aspect.

interest rates

Living in the UK has been pretty grim on the financial front since the recession back in 2008.

send emails

Anybody who undertakes freelance work will understand the amount of stress that this type of work can bring.

Whether it’s writing online articles, proofreading CVs or getting started on a new publication, freelance work can build up quickly and become overpowering if you don’t keep on top of everything.

The term ‘Advertising’ includes a vast amount of opportunities which can be divided into various categories.

recruitment agencies

Every job faces huge competition so job seekers must utilise as many avenues as possible when searching for a new job.

cv design

As soon as a job advert goes live, employers are bombarded with CVs and applications and the majority will look the same.

publishing career

Publishing is a huge industry and one that provides numerous jobs worldwide and many routes in.

making a good first impression

Whether you’re heading to an interview, starting a new job or going on a first date with someone you really like, first impressions are crucial.