Over the past few weeks in the UK the sun has finally made an appearance, and don’t we deserve it?

getting a 2.2

For you third year students out there, the final results day of university is looming closer every day.

rainy day

From the average British perspective, April is thought of as the start of spring.


PR is a term that gets thrown around frequently but a career in public relations is one which can broaden your horizons in the job market.

spring clean

Here are a few ways in which you can use this year’s spring clean to set you up and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

writing in diary

Each day contains the same amount of time.

find job focused job hunt

Whatever your circumstances, searching for a job can become tiresome and at times it may feel as though you’re getting nowhere.

tidy desk

So much of what you’ll achieve will come from what surrounds you while you work.

Getting yourself a work placement or two and gaining some valuable work experience is a great way to ease yourself into the big wide world.

Copywriting helps you gain broad writing experience while narrowing your job search and making it a little less overwhelming.