5 Ways To Write An Original Dissertation

You’ve dreaded it since your first lecture. Now second year is coming to a close and you can’t put it off anymore. Your dissertation is beckoning, asking you to at least think about it.

Many people struggle with their degree dissertation. For some it’s the sheer enormity of the task, for others the scope, and still more just aren’t sure whether to do something they are interested in or something that will get them the best grade.

To get the most out of your dissertation, though, one thing is necessary: originality. Below are five ways to make sure you write an original dissertation.


Discover your passion

The first thing to do is find out what you are passionate about. Although it may seem obvious to research a subject you’re interested in, too many people instead choose an area where sources will be widely available.

Although that would make writing your dissertation easier, it means that your piece of research will have been studied many times before.

Discover what you are passionate about, then delve deep into research and find a niche that’s more you than universal.


Read other people’s work

To write an original dissertation, you might think that reading other people’s work might have the opposite effect.

However, other people’s dissertations will tell you what has already been written, and what subjects have been done to death.

This work will tell you what not to do, while the sources in the bibliography could pique your interest or navigate you to an interesting way to conduct research.


Discuss your ideas with friends.

Too many people have had that moment of rushing to their friends, ready to share a great new idea, only for their friends to tell them they covered that topic two months ago.

It’s a shame with a normal essay. But when it comes to your dissertation, the news that others’ have had your ground-breaking idea before can be shattering. Talk through your half-formed ideas with trusted friends before committing.


Discuss your ideas with your tutor early on

Although tutors shouldn’t be treated like an academic crutch, they are a great resource, with a wealth of experience.

More importantly, they will have read more dissertations then you thought possible, and will quickly be able to tell you if you are writing something different.

If you do this early, before the end of your second year, you will be in a strong position, with your tutor’s approval, allowing you to enjoy your summer without dissertation dread.


Go to an archive

Using the resources available to you at your university’s library is vital. However that will only take you so far. If you want to use the rare piece that turns your dissertation from good essay to original research, then you need to hit the archive. The process can be frustrating and at times boring, but when that rare nugget is found, it will be worth it.

Researching and then writing a dissertation that is an original piece of work is a difficult but ultimately rewarding experience. Just keep telling yourself that when alone in a dusty archive.


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