How Hiring a Graduate Can Secure Your Company’s Future

Are you keen to expand your company but unsure whether you should be hiring a graduate or a professional with several years of experience under their belt?

Whether you’re a small startup or a large-scale corporation, graduates can bring a whole host of qualities to your business. While you may feel slightly hesitant about hiring a younger (and perhaps less experienced) person straight out of university, you could be overlooking a major advantage to introduce unique talent to the team.

By recognising the untapped potential of these bright minds, businesses can take a huge leap toward a thriving and stable future.

Read below to explore the reasons why hiring a graduate can be a transformative decision for your company:


Graduates are a valuable asset to any organisation due to the fresh perspectives they bring to the table.

Having recently completed their academic journey, they come equipped with the latest knowledge, cutting-edge research findings, and exposure to emerging trends in their respective fields.  

As they integrate into the workforce, they’re not afraid to push boundaries and explore unusual solutions, which can lead your company to transformative innovation that sets you apart from competitors.


Adaptability is paramount for a company’s success.

Graduates; especially those with backgrounds in technology, engineering, and data science empower companies to stay at the forefront of company advancements.  They have the ability to thrive during rapid changes and unforeseen disruptions. They’re not afraid to take on the challenge of responding to market shifts and other obstacles which may arise along the way.

However, a graduate’s adaptability expands far beyond technological knowledge. It can even go on to influence the entire organisational culture, starting with the willingness to embrace change and learn new skill sets. This shift in attitude creates an atmosphere where the whole team of employees may be eager to embrace new challenges too and actively contribute to the company’s growth.

Ready to mould

One of the many advantages of hiring graduates is that you have the opportunity to shape these young candidates into what your company needs at that moment.

It’s common for more experienced professionals to struggle to break away from long-standing habits which they may have picked up from previous roles. Despite every effort to adapt, they may not have the motivation or interest to try new ways of doing things.

As graduates have very little past experience in the work environment, they are ready to be shaped, grow, and learn. Think of graduates as a blank canvas that you can mould and transform into your ideal employee.

Affordable salaries

Hiring graduates can offer significant financial benefits for both small and large businesses.

Typically, graduates will accept lower starting salaries compared to experienced professionals, in exchange for valuable work experience and career progression opportunities.

On average, the median starting salary for graduates stands between £27,000 and £33,000. However, it is essential to consider the broader picture by factoring in the investment required for their support and training to ensure you retain the very best talent in your business for the long term.

If after reading this blog post you’d like to consider hiring a graduate for your company, please check out our latest candidate video CVs and we’ll match you with the most suitable grad.