5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire a Graduate

Are you looking to hire your next employee? Have you ever considered hiring a graduate? If not, now may be the right time to consider a fresh graduate to join your company. Since COVID, newbie graduates are fighting to claim job roles within their desired niche and get their foot on the career ladder, but one of the questions you may be asking is ‘Is hiring a graduate worthwhile for my business?’.

In this blog, we’re going to run through several vital reasons as to why you should be hiring graduates for your company:

Lower salary expectations

First and foremost, graduates have much lower expectations when it comes to salary. With many having little or no experience in the world of employment, they accept that they still have a great deal to learn, and will, therefore, be open to offers. However, this doesn’t mean being unreasonable with the figure. The average salary for graduates in the UK is around £29,000, so it may be worth researching what other companies are paying graduates in similar roles.

New perceptions

Having just left a learning environment, graduates are much more inclined to think critically and analytically and bring brand-new perspectives to an outdated workplace environment. They will have been educated by some of the leading professors and lecturers in their field of study, which in turn, could push your business forwards by putting these theoretical ideas into practice.

Greater efficiency

Graduates are used to juggling multiple plates at once; with many having balanced their studies alongside a part-time job as a student. As a result, they are likely to be much more productive in their role in comparison to non-graduates. Successful businesses rely on individuals who are willing to step up to the mark and accept any challenge that is thrown their way, which is what graduates are used to and enjoy the thrill of.

Expert tech knowledge

While graduates may not have much experience in the workplace, they will certainly make up for it by having critical knowledge in other sectors. They are extremely likely to be in tune with the developments of technology which is changing the nature of business dramatically and hot on the latest trends – which are both important aspects to allow your business to stay ahead of the competition.


Graduates are willing to accept whatever tasks and opportunities are given to them, to boost their prospects and get in the ‘good books’ of the employer. Therefore, they are likely to work harder and show adaptability. This may mean jumping between tasks, or potentially even taking opportunities abroad (due to having no personal ties) should your company have bases in other countries.

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