3 Simple Things That Will Make You A Successful Student

Knowing when to take a break, dividing your time wisely and notetaking are skills that are seldom executed correctly.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way of studying. Each person is different. And the way we learn and receive information is just as unique! However, there are some universal tricks to studying successfully.

So if you find yourself in a state of trepidation, here are 3 easy ways you could become a successful student.

One thing at a time

You may be in a time crunch. You may have more deadlines to complete than weeks left before hand-in. But multitasking may not actually benefit you!

A 2013 study shows that the brain is actually incapable of multitasking. Attempting to do too much will impair your performance, especially when intricate judgments are needed. Another study says that if you force the brain to focus on too much at once,  it can result in the overlooking of important information.

Attempting two or more tasks at once usually leads to reduced performance in at least one of them. So, try not to overwork your brain and avoid the need to multitask by giving yourself enough time to complete assignments!

Only positive thoughts

It’s so easy to slip into a pattern of negative thoughts. I should’ve given myself more time… the test was too hard… it’s impossible to get it all done. But this helps no one.

Wallowing in self-pity doesn’t get a job finished. Maybe you could have done better, or perhaps you didn’t make the grade you expected to. That’s life, sometimes we do well, other times not so much. Nobody’s perfect, everyone could do better next time.

You must change from negative thinking to positive, solution-orientated thinking. Instead of believing you’re going to fail, think about the challenges and then think of ways to prepare.

Set realistic goals

Remember you only have so many hours in a day and some of those you need to rest in. Setting yourself minute portions of time to get jobs completed doesn’t help you become a successful student. What it does do, is cause you to beat yourself up about not achieving what you had planned for that day. Also, not giving a task the correct amount of time and attention it needs only means you won’t finish it to the best of your ability.

Understanding how you work is vital to organising your time.  Do you like to gather evidence and quotes as you read, or do you go back in for a second time? How fast do you read? This will help you set realistic goals for the day.

Successful students also know when to stop. Give yourself 3-4 tasks to complete that day and when they’re done, chill out! Don’t overwork your brain and be good to yourself. Take regular breaks, feed your mind with the best fuel and reward a job well done!

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