4 Alternative Study Venues For Those Bored Of The Library

Finding the right place to write essays or cram for an exam the next day can be difficult. It can seem impossible. Studying on your bed probably encourages the urge to nap, check social media or finally take your plates to the kitchen. While the library can be a student’s best friend, for some, it doesn’t actually help you get stuff done.

It is essential to understand that productivity can all boil down to the working environment you’re in. Here are some alternative work venues that might just be compatible with your studying. At the very least, they’re worth the change of scenery and weird smells that come with the library.


The university canteen

While the university’s library is appealing for the first 200 words of an essay, the guy tapping his foot repeatedly can put you off for life. Let alone the student listening to their iPod, wrongly thinking their earphones are in.

Naturally you can’t be angry if any of the above and more also contribute to the canteen atmosphere. In fact, it’s part of the deal. However, the constant buzz around you while you tap away on your laptop could be motivating. It might even inspire your creativity.

If all else fails, at least food is nearby.


A nearby café

A chai latte to your left, a muesli tub to your right… Studying in a café could be as picturesque as it sounds. Couple it with a lunch break or bring your workout clothes for the gym afterwards. You won’t feel nearly as restricted in a café as in the sometimes tedious library.

Of course you’ve got to buy at least one drink during your stay, but the benefits of studying in a café have long been recognised. Find a cosy spot that trumps any stiff chair in the library. Connect to the wifi that is less likely to crash under demand. Reward yourself for every 500 words with a slice of cake. Perfect.


The park

Whether with a friend or by yourself, the park can really aid your revision. Of course, the UK’s weather is temperamental to say the least, so pick your time there wisely. Pick a park bench and lay out your revision notes, cards or pop your earphones in with pre-recorded revision points of interest. It might sound silly but no one knows you aren’t listening to house music or an intellectual podcast.


A long train journey

Trains can be the perfect place to do absolutely nothing and then feel terrible for wasting three hours scrolling through Twitter. A student’s third home (after their real home and uni home) tends to be the train; it makes sense to use the journey wisely.

If you’re a literature student, get ahead on reading. If you’re a politics student, keep up to date with big news stories and political Twitter accounts. Maths? Bring a past paper for the journey. The little revision sessions can go a long way.

Everyone claims they’re going to study in the park when it’s warm or pretentiously revise at a café. The important thing is that you ensure your studying is effective wherever you do choose to go.

As you get told from a young age, everyone is different; no one person learns in the exact same way. Trial different locations. Work out what increases your focus and makes you feel better about getting out of bed to write 1000 words. Ensure you pick a place that encourages you to avoid your phone, work hard towards study breaks and feel generally motivated.


Kathryn ─ known as Kat even though she prefers Kath ─ studied English Language at Cardiff University and now wants to finally write that book she’s always been meaning to write. Check out her Twitter, Instagram and blog to delve into her mind further.

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