A Day in the Life of an SEO

Phil Gregory is the founder of Peak District SEO a small SEO company working from Derbyshire in the UK Midlands.  Phil founded the company after working for an e-commerce company for 5 years.

I had been desperate to do my own thing for years, but just didn’t take the leap, due to financial constraints. My boss at the time was steering his business more toward development, and we were getting less marketing work coming in.

I had almost 20 years experience at that point, so it seemed the logical step to take what I’d learned an apply it to delivering a really good customer-focused SEO service for small to medium-sized businesses.

I’m very focused these days, being your own boss will do that to you. I work from home too so there’s no stressful commute every day, and fewer distractions.

I usually start work about 8 AM most days, and I find that getting the early start allows me to clear up any outstanding tasks, and draft all my key emails before my clients even get online.

8 AM

Most days I find that getting the early start allows me to clear up and outstanding tasks, and draft all my key emails before my clients even get online.  This gives me the change to review client projects and make sure everything is on track.  this is also a great time to catch up on your learning.

I try to read a few SEO/PPC articles each day, just to stay ahead of the curve.  Digital marketing moves quickly, if you don’t constantly educate yourself, you’ll be left behind in no time.

9AM – 10AM

Most clients start work at this time so I deal with their emails and phone calls.  Whilst working on their general retainer tasks.


This is when I try to have my meetings and phone calls.  It’s a civilised hour which allows everyone to be present and alert, also it allows natural time management of meetings, because most people will be keen to keep the meeting to an hour, so they can go and eat.

12 PM

Usually lunch time for me. I’ll take between 30 mins and an hour most days.

Working from home, I can easily get something to eat and on nice days even eat lunch in the garden. It’s really important to get a break from your desk and the screen to clear your head.

3 PM – 6 PM

This is often the busiest period because I want to ensure that clients are on schedule. Each client has a set amount of hours per month, and I have systems that track work usage, I need to ensure that clients are on target so that I can make recommendations for adjustment if they should need it.

This time is always spent working on client projects. The majority of what I work on is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for a range of clients over a number of sectors. I’ll make sure their pages are as good as they can be, monitor their leads and sales, check their social media influence. I also spent time fixing errors on client websites, to ensure that they are working well.

Running Peak District SEO is a busy job and I have to wear many hats. I’m the boss, the sales guy, the SEO, The AdWords guy, accountant and tea boy. Most days work until at least 8 pm.  That’s because I love what I do, not because I have to do it.

If I could give a tip to anyone just starting out in digital marketing, it would find the bits you love and focus on that.  Online Marketing is massive, there are so many facets, and honestly, you’re unlikely to be awesome in every part of it.

Also, don’t work for the money, the opportunity or the prestige, work for you and your goals.  If you’re passionate, the money and prestige will follow.

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