5 Ways To Get Fit When You Have, Like, Literally No Time

As a student, it’s no secret that time can run away with you when you’re bogged down with revision and writing up essays whilst at university – as well as finding time to cook and socialise of course! Getting fit is probably the very last thing on your mind, not only due to the lack of time in your daily schedule but also the sheer expense of going to the gym.

Want to get fit in a flash? You’ll need to get creative. Here are five top tips you should take into consideration when it comes to getting fit when you have no time.


Walk everywhere

This is an obvious one, but walking is a great place to start. Instead of making a specific time to exercise throughout the day, you can just incorporate getting fit into your everyday lifestyle.

If you’re in close proximity to your uni campus, why not walk the route instead of jumping on the bus? Or, if that isn’t an option, get off the bus or train earlier than usual and walk the rest of the journey. It doesn’t have to be anything too drastic in order to get fit quick.


Make the most of advert breaks

If it’s time for an ad break during your favourite TV show, why not do a set of pushups, sit-ups or a plank rather than making a cup of tea? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the NHS’ 10-minute workout routine for an effective approach to getting fit. You’ll be making the most of time you’ll otherwise spend lying down or flicking through posts on social media.


Plan your workout time

If you’re planning a specific time each day to work out, it would be a great idea to plan your workouts beforehand to save time. Not having a set workout plan may make you less efficient when it comes to getting fit, so it’s best to research an exercise regime beforehand and stick to it when you have a bit of time to spare.


Do your chores!

This isn’t just an excuse to help your parents or flatmates with domesticated duties, but doing chores could actually help you get fitter! Simply vacuuming your room, mopping floors and cleaning could be turned into a great workout regime if you put enough effort in.


HIIT Training

HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) has become one of the biggest trends for getting fit. Dr Chris van Tulleken from the BBC has published advice on how you can get fit around a busy lifestyle – and results have proven that in just four weeks, you’ll feel much fitter and able to cope with strenuous exercise.

Here is the HIIT training routine Dr Chris recommends:

Warmup:  Warmup for around two minutes, either walking around the room or jogging on the spot.

Workout: Exercise in any way you feel comfortable for 60 seconds.

Rest: Stop for around 90 seconds.

Repeat the two final steps four times per session and complete this regime four times a day to achieve the best results.

Here’s to climbing your department stairs without having to pause three times on the way up!


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