How To Spring Clean Your Way To Success

The ‘beast from the east’ has finally subsided and spring has almost sprung, so it’s a perfect excuse to start cleaning both your house and your mind. The winter (particularly this one) can seem long and put you in a sluggish mindset, lacking motivation and positivity. However, the spring sunshine inspires you with new ideas and energy to progress into your successful future.

Here are a few ways in which you can use this year’s spring clean to set you up and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Do a thorough job

Whatever you’re doing, do it thoroughly. Whether you’re clearing the coat cupboard, sorting underneath your bed or sifting through the pile of papers on your desk and deciding which to keep or which to chuck, make sure that you do a proper job.

There are so many benefits to a spring clean and many methods to tactically overcome what can initially seem overwhelming, so by ensuring that you do a good job of it will shorten the time you spend tackling the mess and you’ll feel great at the end with a clearer mindset.

Keep any useful material

When organising documents from your past, never disregard anything until you’re completely sure that it’s not needed. You never know how useful notes from that talk on interview tips in lower sixth or advice from your year eleven tutor about email etiquette could be. Even work from A Levels and GCSE could come in handy when you’re trying to remember simple equations for your degree or a trivial answer in a pub quiz.

Everything that you gather over your time has the potential to come in handy so make sure that you are certain that you don’t need things before chucking them on the fire.

Be ruthless

Equally, don’t keep everything so that the process of spring cleaning proves pointless. If you finish the job with stacks of pre-school drawings still filling up boxes just because they make you laugh, then your de-clutter hasn’t been so successful.

It’s no good questioning the need for things so much that you end up keeping everything. It makes no sense. Be ruthless and get rid of junk to gain space and in the long run clear your mind of junk too.

Note the therapeutic aspects

As mundane as it can seem, there are many health benefits to a good cleanse. Clutter causes stress so a deep clean and clear out can ease your mind, improving your well being ready to progress onto the next challenge that life throws. While physically clearing out, your mind will be clearing out too making you feel good in so many ways after.

Not only are there mental benefits of this, if you’re body conscious and want to shift a few pounds then there’s a bonus to making your place spic and span. The physical act of cleaning and tidying will help you shove that extra weight gained during your process of procrastination before hand while you were trying to convince yourself to get started.

Rekindle that motivation

Having sparkling windowsills and organised wardrobes makes you feel good and becomes a place you want to be in, but it has also been linked to increasing motivation and making you want to do more. It untangles your mind so that you are thinking clearly when working and can relax when you wish to do so in a fresh space.

So, if you’re currently lounging on your bed doing anything but getting started on the annual clean up, then here are a few more tips to get you started. You’ll be thankful when you’re finished.

Harriet Mills is an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate based at her hometown near Cambridge. She is an aspiring writer interested in features and travel writing. She is keen to pursue copywriting as a career as well as maintaining her position as a freelance writer. For more of her story check out her personal website.

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