Exam Results Stress? Here’s How To Cope

With millions of pupils taking their exams this year, the build-up to exam results can be extremely stressful. The ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey showed that 96% of the 1300 students who participated felt anxious about exams and revision, with a further 59% admitting to feeling pressure from their parents to do well and 64% saying they have never received any support in dealing with exams.

One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives, and stress can be one of the biggest triggers. So before you get to that stage it’s best to learn how to cope in pressured situations. 

While it isn’t possible to change the outcome of the exam results, it is possible to reduce the amount of anxiety or stress you suffer. 


  • Relaxation techniques

Did you know that breathing exercises are a great method of stress control?  The best thing is that you can virtually do them anywhere. 

Make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfortable and place one hand on your stomach. Take slow deep breaths and feel as your stomach rises and falls. Make sure you’re exhaling though your mouth and enjoy the slow breaths. There are plenty of other techniques that you can do to relieve stress, including yoga, pilates and mindfulness methods. 

Mindfulness is now recommended as a beneficial way of stress reduction and works by concentrating the mind on the present; the here and now.  There are apps available or guided videos.


  • Distract yourself

Get busy doing the things that you enjoy. Enjoy a board games, watching a film or spending time with family and friends.  All these activities can help to relax you and alleviate any worries on your mind. Other ideas of distraction can be found here.


  • Exercise

We all know how important exercise is important for our physical health. But did you know that exercise also has direct stress-busting benefits? 

Get involved in some high energy sports such as running, dancing, cycling, as well as looking into some more relaxing classes like yoga and Tai Chi. Not feeling it? A number of websites offer help with ideas to get you into sports that you may not have considered before.


  • Less coffee & caffeine

Caffeine is best avoided during stressful periods in life. This is because caffeine stimulates the nervous system; too much can lead to a rapid heartbeat and increase blood pressure. Caffeine can make anxiety worse in a number of different ways, so the less intake the better.  Water is great for hydration, and it’s free, so get drinking.


  • Less alcohol

Alcohol is another one to avoid during stressful times. Though it may feel like a magical tension-easer, in the long run alcohol can contribute to an increase in depression and anxiety.  Best to avoid the temptation and keep yourself alert and refreshed with plenty of water.

These tips should help you combat any pre-results nerves. The worst thing you can do is worry, or compare yourselves with friends. You have performed to the beset of your ability and that’s what counts. Remember not to over-think your exam results, any amount of negative thinking will not change your results so remain positive regardless of the outcome.   


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