How Social Networking Could Help You Get On The Career Ladder

As a student, you’re probably on every social media site out there. 74% of UK adults who use the internet have a social media site and amongst those are your dream employers. So can having an online social media presence boost your chances of securing a job?

Here are a few ways social media could help you gain a new career.


Develop a presence

If you are serious about getting noticed, one of the first things to consider is to recognise what you are actually posting on your social media accounts and how they could help you gain a career. Applying for jobs in newspapers is definitely a thing of the past and it’s not about what you know, but who you know and how you can get them on your side.

It’s always good to make a professional profile. Try Googling yourself – if dodgy pictures pop up, delete them. Most employers will do this before an interview to ensure that you’re not going to be a handful. Once your social media account is cleaned up, you can use it professionally to network, or you may even decide to start new accounts for career purposes.


Build Contacts

By broadcasting online that you’re looking for a job role in a particular field, friends may notice your interest and have contacts who could be of help. Once you have expressed an interest and they hear of any relevant opportunities, they may let you know. You could even try and make direct contact with those within your desired industry who could point you in the right direction.

Twitter is a good social media site to make that break and connect with others who share the same interests, as well as higher up professionals, colleagues and fellow students who could be ideal contacts.  ‘Like’, ‘retweet’ and respond to their tweets to get yourself noticed. Sitting back and lurking won’t help you advance.


Show off your skills

On social media sites such as LinkedIn, you can network on a professional level with employers interested in hiring new employees. Your profile not only shows off skills that you’re capable of, but also your past work experiences. Should employers be looking for a potential candidate, your online presence on this site can boost your chances dramatically.

As of 2012, there were 175 million users on LinkedIn. A whopping 93% of corporate organisations use it to find new talent. Now those are numbers you can’t argue with.


Keep your followers in mind

One of the aims of social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter is to gain followers and brand yourself. This is especially relevant in professional circumstances, as you never know who is truly following you behind the screen.

You must always be wary of what you post. Creating relevant posts that contribute to the image you hope to portray should be your motive, and you shouldn’t post anything too controversial that could give you a bad name. Follow your gut by posting and sharing material that is relevant to your values. Just remember: you want to show how you’d be a really great person to work with, not a difficult one.


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