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Whether you’re wanting to improve your writing for academic purposes, or you’re an aspiring writer, there are plenty of ways to refine your writing and become a better writer. We give our best tips.

“Every employer wants you to have experience but no one will give you the experience.” It’s a sentence many graduates will say and hear in the months following graduation. Often, the only answer to this conundrum is to pursue an internship.

Study breaks are essential for students. Studies show that effective revision breaks ensure effective studying. Everyone ─ no matter what grade they’re averaging out with ─ needs breaks. So many breaks, however, can be spent staring into thin air, scrolling through social media or playing on an app.

Many graduates will find themselves navigating full-time work in the hospitality industry once university is over. It's all fun and pouring pints until you realise you're racking up between forty and fifty hours a week.

Students are well-versed in eating too many takeaways, drinking too much alcohol and sleeping in until midday. University, however, can be a good time to form new habits. Habits that don’t mean leaving your washing up until the very last moment to clean.