What Are My Prospects with a 3rd Class Degree?

If you’ve graduated with a 3rd class degree, it’s natural to feel worried about what your prospects may be. But it’s important to remember that your degree classification doesn’t paint the whole picture of who you are, or your professional worth and capabilities. There are numerous avenues as to how you can demonstrate your value to prospective employers in a competitive job market, regardless of your academic grade.

So, here are a few helpful tips on how you can become more employable with a 3rdclass degree and land yourself a graduate job:

Get work experience

Your degree classification might not catch employers’ attention during the job hunt, but gaining work experience can significantly boost your job prospects. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a whopping 91% of employers prefer candidates with work experience. So, it’s crucial to actively seek out volunteer roles, part-time jobs, or freelance projects that match your interests, to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

Highlight your strengths

While your academic performance might not have landed you top honours, it’s essential to recognise and showcase your strengths when writing your CV. However, it’s not just about listing them down; you need to provide concrete examples to back up your claims.

Consider leadership, for instance. Have you demonstrated strong leadership skills during a part-time job or a group project at university? Reflect on specific instances where you took charge and motivated others. These anecdotes offer tangible evidence of your ability to lead and execute tasks effectively.

Similarly, effective communication is a valuable skill in any role. Think about moments when you’ve navigated complex ideas or resolved conflicts within a team. In doing so, you demonstrate proficiency in conveying information clearly and fostering collaboration to achieve a successful outcome.

Remember – employers aren’t just looking out for what you’ve achieved academically, but how you’ve applied and demonstrated your strengths in various contexts.


Networking is the secret to career success; especially when dealing with the challenges of job searching with a 3rd class degree. It’s not just about exchanging business cards or LinkedIn connections – it’s about building genuine relationships that can open doors you never knew existed.

By actively engaging in networking, you build rapport with industry professionals. Who knows – you may just be pointed in the direction of job openings and even secure positive referrals from their own network (if they see you as a good fit for the company). What’s more, professionals may generously offer mentorship and training as a form of support while you navigate your chosen career path.

Targeted job search

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the job application process? You may be making a common mistake: applying for every job in sight without considering if it’s the right fit. Take a moment to be strategic with your time and efforts, and focus on targeted applications. Research companies that prioritise skills and experiences over grades. In doing so, you increase your chances of finding a role where you can thrive and grow, without the overshadowing worry of your academic achievements.

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