How to Navigate a Hybrid Job in Your Graduate Career

Since the COVID pandemic, hybrid working has taken the business world by storm. As opposed to working in a full-time position, more and more employees have the option of working hybrid. This model allows employees to split their working week between the office and home, depending on their personal needs. 3 years on, the trend isn’t going anywhere, and now, more and more employers are giving graduates the option to take on flexible work schedules to maintain a greater work/life balance. If you have ever considered applying for a hybrid job, what can you expect?

Stay in touch with your team

While you may be working from home several days per week, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be cut off from your employer and colleagues. Communicating is key to staying in the loop, as well as receiving support when you need it. There may be the occasional day when you require some help and advice – and that’s okay, especially if you’re a new graduate with no previous experience in the field.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to inform your team if you’re struggling with certain tasks. They will appreciate that you have been open and honest, rather than struggling and wasting valuable time. Remember – this is your very first job. You have a lot to learn and you’re trying your best. You’ll soon be on the right track with some patience, hard work, and guidance.

Accept that you may have to work harder in a hybrid job

While working hybrid, you won’t be under the watchful eye of your manager during the days you’re working from home, so you may have to work harder to prove your abilities and work ethic. Therefore, always be sure to stay ahead of the ball and don’t fall behind on your projects, as you’ll only set yourself up for greater stress.

Where possible, ask for feedback as to how you can improve and make your achievements evident. The latter may seem slightly egocentric, but it can be very difficult for your achievements to be recognised when you’re working on a remote basis.

Give yourself a break

While it may seem counterproductive at the outset, allowing yourself to have regular breaks will prevent you from burning out and having an impact on efficiency.

In the office, you’ll likely have regular chats with colleagues, head to the coffee machine, or simply have 5 minutes of fresh air outside. The same should apply while working from home in a hybrid job. It can be easy to get carried away with spending hours and hours on a screen, but taking regular mini breaks every hour or so is key for the sake of your health, well-being, and motivation.

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