Inbound Marketing- Why’s It So Important?

If you have ever wondered what marketing techniques your company should be utilising for the future, you’ve come to the right place. Inbound marketing has become one of the hottest trends in the last few years and has shown to deliver exceptional results in terms of attracting new customers and retaining them. We’re going to look at the importance of inbound marketing and some of the key aspects that need your attention.


Firstly, what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing was first introduced in 2005 after standard outbound strategies were failing to achieve results. Outbound was the act of sending out a message to the wider audience in the hope that it would stir interest and generate leads. Enter inbound marketing – which was a new and improved strategy to become familiar with the buyer’s movements from the initial interest through to the completion of a sale. Content is then produced for each phase of the journey to convert interested visitors into customers.

Inbound marketing isn’t as forceful on the customer as other forms of marketing which was once believed to not be as effective, but the significant benefits of this may surprise you:


1. Cutting costs

If you’re hoping to cut down on your marketing budget, inbound marketing is an option to consider. Mass marketing can be very costly and isn’t always successful, meaning it can pose a significant risk to your bottom line. Inbound marketing is a much more streamlined approach that should potentially cut costs, yet still achieve a higher ROI.


2. Greater credibility

When you give the chance for customers to find you naturally rather than being forced to take interest in what you sell, your business gives the impression of being much more credible and trustworthy. No-one likes to be bombarded with advertisements and may even off-put the buyer from taking any real interest in the products or services you sell.

Research has shown that 85% of individuals prefer to carry out their own research before they buy, rather than relying on traditional forms of advertising to help them decide – which is where digital content is key. Creating valuable content and having a voice through social media helps alleviate any trust or risk concerns in the customer’s mind.


3. Quality leads

Although you may have believed that advertising your business to the wider population will improve your chances of securing sales, you could be heading your campaign to failure. It’s not just about creating brand awareness, but also about attracting the right traffic to your website or social media platforms to generate quality leads. By taking a more targeted approach, you’ll be much more likely to attract customers that already have a keen interest in the products and services you sell.


4. Rise of video marketing

If your business hasn’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of video marketing, you’re sure to fall behind the competition. Consider the amount of time you spend watching videos yourself per day- it’s become a vital part of our daily lives without even realising it. 87% of businesses now use video as a form of inbound marketing as it’s an entertaining piece of content that can be enjoyed by all individuals. In just 24 months, video content has soared by 57%; with more marketers focusing on visual platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to market their content. In this case, it is easy to see that video content is taking precedence in the marketing world.


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