How to Achieve Success in a Hybrid Job

It is becoming the new norm for recent graduates to have a hybrid working set-up in their first graduate job. Some people thrive off the idea of working flexibly, while others may find it more difficult to get used to working in different environments.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the hybrid working model, it typically involves office days combined with working from home. Since COVID-19, hybrid jobs have become an option with corporations globally to provide staff members with a better work/life balance and greater freedom over their schedules.

If you have recently secured a hybrid graduate job, this blog will come in useful on how to maximise your time and stay productive.

Seek structure

It’s worth adding structure to your daily routine to ensure all your tasks are ticked off the list. You’ll notice different energy when working in the office, compared to independently at home which may impact which tasks you complete in certain environments.

When heading to the office, prioritise tasks that require face-to-face communication and teamwork so that you can iron out any issues that cannot be solved virtually. In doing so, you’ll be making the best use of your time with colleagues. When working from home, focus on projects that can be carried out independently with minimal insight from others.

Stay connected to your co-workers

When working from home for several days of the week in a graduate job or internship, it’s common to feel isolated, especially if your colleagues are together in the office. In this case, aim to be more sociable with the team; whether that be creating conversations on the group chat tool or organising out-of-work meet-ups. In doing so, you won’t feel as alone and worry about becoming an ‘outsider’.

Improve your work-from-home set-up

If you have never worked from home before, the adjustment can be a struggle. We recommend setting up an office space outside of your bedroom to provide separation between work and relaxation. Also, prevent setting up your home office in the kitchen, as this is typically the social hub of the home where you’re most likely to get distracted. You could consider converting the spare room into an office, or perhaps an unused garage or loft.

Ensure you’re giving yourself enough breaks throughout the day. Get up from your desk for approximately 5 minutes every hour to stretch your legs and give your brain a much-needed rest. During your lunch hour, get outdoors to clear your mind.

Maximise your time

Hybrid working gives you the benefit of being able to maximise your time where possible. It may be worth having a chat with your employer to outline the rules of this working style and whether there is additional flexibility. For example, you may have the option of working extra hours during the week to take a Friday off and enjoy a long weekend away.
During the time you would otherwise spend commuting on work-from-home days, you could have a workout, go for a walk or spend extra time in bed if you need some rest.

If hybrid working is something you’re interested in, please take a look at our job boards to find the best hybrid jobs in London and beyond.