Internship Video CV Guide with Inspiring Interns

When signing up with our recruitment company, you’ll need to create a video CV to upload onto our website for potential employers to review. Within it, you’ll share detailed information on your skills, experience, education and background. This video will typically support a written CV but allows you to show off your personality and passions for the role.

Creating an account before uploading your video CV

Firstly, you’ll need to register with us. During the application process, you’ll upload your written CV and video CV and complete the registration form.

Check your CV

Ensure you have uploaded the most recent version CV with all the relevant details. Also be sure to check for any errors (grammar, spelling, double spacing and blank pages etc.)

Ensure you select an appropriate profile picture

Your profile picture is a key element of your application. Remember, you’re applying for a professional role and therefore, need to give off a serious image to boost your chances of getting hired. It would be advised to choose a photo that could be described as ‘LinkedIn appropriate’.

Here are some of the photo types that should never be used:

      • An obvious selfie
      • Party photo (drinking, clubbing or in a large group of people)
      • Grainy or pixelated
      • Pulling a silly face

    Creating your video CV

    If you’re in need of some advice on creating a video CV for a graduate job or internship, here are some simple instructions to keep in mind:

    Use your first name only

    When introducing yourself, always ensure you use your first name only for data protection purposes.

    Example: ‘Hello there, my name is Catherine. I graduated from the University of Liverpool, achieving a 2:1 in Drama and English Literature.

    Wear business attire

    When recording a video CV with Inspiring Interns, you should treat it as though you are attending an interview. This is the very first impression that employers get of you as a candidate, therefore, making the very best impression truly counts.

    In this case, you should ensure you wear business formal attire.

    Here are some examples of the ideal dress code:

    Keep it short and to the point 

    A video CV should be approximately 1 minute long, therefore, keeping your points short, concise and relevant is essential.

    This should be enough time to convince the employer that you’re a suitable candidate for the internship role. Some of the most important pointers to mention include:

          • Your university background
          • Previous work experience
          • Your achievements
          • Key skills
          • Passions/hobbies

        FAQs on video CVs

        Here are some of the most asked questions from our candidates:

         Why is a video CV important?

        A video CV is typically used to support a document CV. A video CV acts as a visual tool that demonstrates your personality, creativity and passion for the role. What’s more, you can also show off certain skills such as public speaking and communication which are vital qualities required in most industries.

        As employers are sent thousands of written CVs for a single job posting, a video CV could help set you apart in such a competitive market. Video CVs provide a critical first impression of the individual they’re hiring – so it’s essential to make it a good one!

        What background should I use for my video CV?

        When filming your video CV, always ensure you use a clean, plain background that’s free of clutter and mess. If you’re using a door as your backdrop, ensure it’s free of hanging towels, belts, clothes etc.

        A simple backdrop will minimise distraction and ensure the entire focus is on you.

        Can I add video edits?

        Video edits wouldn’t be advised unless specifically requested by the employer. Therefore, refrain from adding music, text or graphics as this will distract attention from your performance unless specifically requested by the employer (e.g., media or designer candidates).

        What should I wear?

        Knowing what to wear for your internship video CV can be difficult, so always ensure you dress appropriately for the industry you’re applying to. If in any doubt, dress as you would for a typical interview (e.g., a suit or business formal attire).

        What should I talk about within my video CV?

        Standing out from the crowd means setting yourself apart from the competition, therefore, directly copying other video CVs isn’t always the best approach. However, having an idea of what to include is beneficial so that you don’t miss out on vital points. If you need some advice on how to conduct yourself, why not take inspiration from this script?


        You can also check out some of our current video CV examples to get additional ideas.

        What should my written CV include?

        Alongside your video CV, you should also include a written CV within your application. You can refer to this template to advise on the most appropriate format that your CV should follow:

        (CV TEMPLATE)

        Top tip: Always ensure that there is consistency in word font and check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

        Do I need to relocate for the jobs?

        Most of our graduate jobs and internships are located in London, therefore, it may be necessary to relocate if the role is office-based. In some instances, there may be the opportunity to work remotely, so be sure to check the job spec details.

        With that said, you may come across some graduate job postings that are more local to you – so keep an eye out on our website.