Your First Job May Not Be Your Dream Graduate Job…And That’s Okay

You may have the idea that your dream graduate job is the only route to career fulfilment. With your heart set on one specific industry, it can be difficult to change your focus and consider something entirely different.

However, having this narrow mindset is a major mistake as a pandemic graduate. Not only can closing off potential opportunities limit your growth, but you’ll also encounter disappointment after disappointment if you fail to reach that certain goal.

If you have recently graduated and struggling to find a job in your desired niche, don’t be alarmed. In 2020, only 67% of those who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree found employment; in comparison to 76% the year before.

While these figures may be startling, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll remain in this percentage bracket for the long term – providing you open your mind to new opportunities that arise. In a world that’s starting to recover from the pandemic – especially in the business world, allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try something completely different could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Be open to new graduate job industries

While you may have had a clear plan to follow post-graduation, opening your mind to new industries is a great starting point.

Some industries are in much higher demand than others, meaning greater job availability, stability and employee benefits. The industries listed below are those which are set to grow dramatically in the next decade:

  • Software and I.T development
  • Market research
  • Content marketing
  • Personal and medical care

You have plenty of time

While it may be disappointing not to be bombarded with graduate job offers in your prospective field right away, accept that time is on your side. As a new graduate, you are at the very beginning of a long and successful career path, so don’t put pressure on yourself to get where you need to be immediately.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, it’s natural to feel as though opportunities have been ripped from your grasp, but this is your chance to explore new areas and methods of job seeking, such as networking with professionals in various fields or applying to recruitment firms. Putting yourself out there is the best way to get spotted and allow exciting prospects to come your way.

Developing new skills and experiences

Taking the unconventional path in the early days after graduating isn’t always a bad thing. While you may not be completely satisfied with your current position, you’ll leave the role equipped with transferable skills and tools that you may never have learned if you had never taken this route.

Your experience may make you even more attractive to employers and could set you apart from other candidates also on the job hunt. It’s all about playing the long game until you find a position that fits your exact preferences.

Taking little steps over the first few years of graduating will make you a well-rounded employee and who knows, you may even make lifelong friends along the way. It’s important to remember that rushing the process isn’t necessary. Finding exactly where you want to be is not a short journey; it can take several years and experiences to make the best decision for you.

What may be your dream job now, may not fit your lifestyle or goals in the long-term future, so don’t let amazing opportunities pass you by.

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