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Having at least a basic grasp of finances is important for all of us, whether it’s managing your own money or because you want to start a career in accountancy or the financial services.  Looking after your finances can be an extremely stressful task if you don’t know where to begin, and cutting through all the jargon, acronyms and maths puts many people off.

Most of us bury our heads in the sand rather than confront the complexities involved in money matters.  If you’re interested in getting a better understanding of finances and how they’re affected by banking changes and regulations, then this is the quiz for you.


Managing money wisely



If you’re serious about starting a career in finances, then you need to keep up to speed with the latest money news and develop a firm understanding of all the ins and outs of savings, loans, interest rates and credit scoring.  Beyond that you’ll also need a good head for figures and high level numeracy skills, because without them this is a difficult field to break into.

Even if you’re reading this simply because you want to understand your own money situation a little better, good for you!  With ominous warnings about food price rises and higher rents, there has probably never been a more important time to become more financially savvy and keep tighter control over the purse strings.

The company which devised this test, Good Vibes, offers payday loans but also has a wealth of online resources which can help you build on your existing knowledge of finance.  There are all sorts of handy hints and life hacks to help you budget, as well as guides to payday loans, payslips and the latest financial news decoded.  Before you take the test it’s probably worth having a read-around for a little more background info.


Ready to take the test?



Whether you’re already on the road to a career in finance or simply want to test out your current level of knowledge, now might be a good time to take the Good Vibes test.  It’s short and sweet, comprised of just seven questions and covering a range of topics which will show you where your strengths lie and which areas you need to do your homework on.

Know what APR stands for, or the factors affecting your credit rating?  Think you can calculate interest payments and understand the intricacies of PAYE?  If you think you’re pretty clued up on money matters then now’s the time to prove it.

Remember – it’s just for fun!  Some of the questions are easier than others and it’s not going to completely prepare you for any ‘real’ finance tests.  It is, however, a good place to start, whether you’re doing it just for yourself or for career-related reasons.