Top Tips for Dealing With Anxiety at University

If you’re a sufferer of anxiety; bear in mind that you really aren’t alone, despite how isolated you may be feeling. There are millions of people around the world who try and cope with their mental health on a day-to-day basis, however, there are many strategies and tips to help you cope with your symptoms.

Students are even more likely to suffer symptoms of anxiety due to the high levels of stress that comes with the university experience – because let’s face it, it’s a huge deal. From moving out, to making new friends and coping with exam stress, student life isn’t always an easy ride. 80% of students reportedly face feelings of anxiety at some point during their uni experience.

Here are a few top tips to help boost your mind and help you cope with the stresses of uni:


Working out could really improve the state of your mental health. Experts believe that those who don’t carry out daily exercise are more likely to suffer with depression and anxiety. Psychologists state that a 10-minute walk is just as effective as a 45-minute workout – a great tip for students who haven’t got much time to spare.  You don’t have to commit to set hours each week when you’re starting off, but you may choose to build up your exercise regime over time.


Diet also plays a role in anxiety, therefore watching what you eat has a major affect on your mental health. Alcohol, fatty foods and refined sugars will trigger your anxiety symptoms, so it’s best you steer clear. It’s important to note that bad doesn’t actually cause anxiety, but may heighten the feelings.

Positive thinking

Thinking happy thoughts is one the most important ways of getting your anxiety levels back to a normal rate – an easy enough statement to make right? There’s plenty of help out there to teach you effective methods of how to think positively and change your thought processes. It may also help to write a journal with any positive thought that comes into your mind and any small goals you can or will achieve. It goes without saying that surrounding yourself with positive people will definitely uplift you.

Recognise when you’re over-reacting

Those who suffer with anxiety can often blow up a worry into an extreme fear and put themselves into a state of panic. For example; worrying about becoming completely cut-off and isolated without a single friend to talk to, or perhaps worrying that you’re bound to fail every single exam. Try and rationalise your fear and understand the likelihood of such occurrences actually happening. Unhappiness only occurs when you allow yourself to feel negative thoughts – you’re in complete control of changing your own thought process and how you view situations.

Don’t give in to it

If your anxieties are preventing you from going out and living your life, you know that your fears are way out of hand.  Although it may be difficult, don’t give into your fears, or you may be facing a downward spiral. The ‘not doing’ can be worse than the ‘doing’ and the likelihood is that you will be more disappointed if you don’t go out and just do it.

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