5 Societies You Should Join To Boost Your Job Prospects

Societies are great fun and a must if you want to really engage at university.

They’re worthwhile in many ways, promoting social and communicative skills and allowing a safe space where you can get to know fellow students with similar interests.

That being said, there are some more than others that can really improve your employability. Your university should offer many societies, but which ones are the best at boosting your job prospects?

Radio Soc

Most universities have an entirely student-run radio station. Taking part in setting up, organising and delivering quality content on air does wonders for your CV.

It shows you can work in a high pressured situation. Dealing with tech difficulties while live and making sure the shows are running on time provide excellent evidence of your timetabling and initiative skills.

Moreover, being part of an entirely student-led project shows your ability to work as part of a team. As well as proof that you are able to tackle situations with little professional oversight!

Political Soc

Engaging with political initiatives is excellent for your employability. It shows you are impassioned in your beliefs and integrity.

Furthermore, campaign skills transfer extremely well into marketing and PR, demonstrating astuteness to what people want and expect.

Being able to rally support identifies you as a great communicator. The task of organising debates, protests, and events shows great leadership qualities!

Music, Drama & Theatre Soc

The great thing about societies is that you don’t have to have a honed craft before. Just an avid interest will do!

It takes guts to stand up in front of a crowd and performing arts societies are especially impressive to have if you’re applying for jobs where speaking assertively is key.

Joining a performing arts society is great at presenting you as someone who is dedicated, creative and shows the kind of confidence recruiters want to see.

In addition, collaboration is a great asset in the workplace, as is attention to detail. These can all be demonstrated through extracurricular engagement with the arts.

Sports Soc

Sports is excellent at translating to employers that you’re a team player. Working cooperatively highlights that you are able to compromise, listen and communicate effectively.

Additionally, joining a sports team shows great dedication. Recruiters love to see a person who is determined never to give up and see a task through! Self-discipline, patience, and persistence are all incredibly impressive in a person and you can show this simply by engaging in a sport!

Sports takes a lot of motivation and resilience. While most will say they have this, proving it through the sports society will set you apart from the rest!

Media Soc

Most universities run a student newspaper and magazine. Engaging with these can be incredibly beneficial to your job prospects.

The Telegraph‘s Amy Gibbons explains how “stepping up as an editor, contributor or technician will really boost your confidence and your archives. Having published work or broadcast footage is likely to set you apart from the rest.”

Whether you’re a photographer, writer or orchestrator employed to keep the ship sailing, utilizing your skills whilst at university gives you a great headstart when it comes to employment.

Meeting deadlines, prioritizing work and critically engaging to put out the best content is all invaluable to the workplace!

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