5 Useful Apps for Students

It’s rare to walk across campus and not see a sea of students with their heads in their smartphones.

We’ve become accustomed to using technology to make our lives easier, cheaper, safer, more entertaining, and more productive –  and nowadays, there’s an app for pretty much everything!

Here are 5 useful apps for students:


With deadlines looming over your head, pressure to revise for exams and a dwindling bank balance, it’s clear, university can be a stressful time.

If there’s one app that can help you focus, keep calm, and sleep better – it’s Headpsace!

Headspace is a fantastic free app with guided meditation tutorials which teach you everything from simple breathing exercises for better sleep, to mindfulness and anti-anxiety sessions.

Hop from level to level by logging short, 10 minute sessions each night, and work your way up to expert meditator!

It will keep you sane in those hectic exam months, and also benefit your sleep, health and mood from day to day.


Sworkit is the ultimate app if you want to keep fit, but can’t afford the still-too-expensive gym membership!

Download the app, and you are greeted with a library of workout plans, exercises, gym routines, advice, and much more!

From beginner to advanced, they have workout plans for every ability. You can complete the workouts in the comfort of your halls room, or out in the park, but all the plans are built to deliver results.

Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare between lectures, there’s a workout you can do!


One of the hardest parts of being a student is learning to live on a budget, without blowing all of your student loan on an epic shopping trip at the start of the year.

If you struggle to keep on top of your finances, Monzo is for YOU! This innovative banking startup has taken the country by storm, and together with its clever app and bright pink debit card, you can track what you spend, where you spend it, and how much money you have left!

It even sends you real-time notifications every time your balance changes, and at the end of the month you can view a breakdown summary of where all your money is going. * cough Nando’s cough *.


A big perk of student life is all the discounts you can get on clothes, food, cinema, restaurants and other activities.

Download the UNiDAYS app and MILK your student discount for all it’s worth! (Whilst still managing your spending on your Mozo app, of course!)

Every day there will be new and improved discounts for your favourite places. Make sure you check the app before you buy anything, you never know what you might save!


Any.do is the virtual to-do list you never thought you needed.

The simplistic design and intuitive interface means you will always be in control of your life! Manage what assignments are due, set reminders for meetings with your lecturers or upcoming fresher’s events, and never forget your Mum’s birthday again!


As a plugged in and switched on student, utilising these 5 innovative apps can really benefit your day to day life!

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