The Pros Of Freelancing As A Just-Grad

For some, the term ‘freelance’ may conjure images of the deathless Carrie Bradshaw, a self-employed journalist asking rhetorical questions about gender and barely ever actually producing any work, and yet apparently being paid enough to buy designer clothing. If only! It seems unlikely that a freelance writer today would lead such a glamorous life in the Big Apple.

Still, according to The Guardian, there’s never been a better time to freelance. Could freelance work really be an option for recent graduates?


Pro no. 1: gain experience and earn money while searching for a job

I’m sure you agree that job hunting can be an exhausting, frustrating and sometimes crushing experience that demands full-time attention. So how do recent graduates financially support themselves while searching for their future profession?

The answer could be freelance work. What if you could apply for positions, tweak your CV and earn money while doing so? Pretty Carrie if you ask me.

Most of us know that technology and social media have revolutionized the way we live and work. Freelancing seems to be very much involved in this movement and is particularly useful for those seeking employment within photography, graphics and journalism.

Such creative careers usually demand a body of work known as a portfolio, which can take time to assemble. However freelance work could benefit you – the ‘millennial graduate’ by building a body of achievements before you’ve even applied for your first in-house role! Not only that, but it could be a great topic of conversation at interview.


Pro no.2: work to your own timetable

The adjustment from university to adult life can be overwhelming, as your routine must completely change. But what if you could wake up and go to sleep at whatever time suits you, while still earning money?

Most people agree that uni is a mixture of studying, napping and procrastinating, which doesn’t quite suit the professional world of work. Freelancing may be a comforting blanket to ease you into the world of the 9-5.


Pro no.3: there are multiple platforms for freelance work

Do a quick search for ‘freelance work’ on Google and this is what you can find:



A platform connecting freelance creatives from around the world to help complete tasks such as content writing, graphic design, marketing material and app development. As a freelancer you can join for free, whereas the client pays $500 per job.

The downside is that the website has evolved quickly and professionals have twigged that this is an easy way for them to make some extra dollar, increasing competition for beginners.



Specifically for budding writers or editors seeking to build their portfolios.


Wired Sussex /

Both of these sites are predominantly utilized as job boards, but also include space for freelancers to advertise their skills. So let the clients come to you!



This one is specially designed for those interested in IT. All you have to do is upload a CV and jobs will be matched to your skillset.


Task Rabbit

The final example is a little less corporate than the rest, with tasks ranging from the creative to the mundane. For example, you could employ someone to dismantle a wardrobe in your garden or you could be hired to edit someone’s CV. You set your own rate, e.g. £10/hour for proofreading/editing. Most of the jobs will be shorter projects than those on the above websites but can be a great, easy way to earn some extra cash.

Almost anyone can freelance. Perhaps you work in your local café and edit content in the evenings, or design graphics for brands while travelling Australia. The clue is in the name, as we are now free to choose our schedules, including how and where we wish to work. So why not try the freelance life? You can build a portfolio, gain independence and sleep in every morning – and, most crucially, avoid that rush hour Central line commute!


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