Fresh out of uni and eager to bag that brand new job? Good for you; it’s tough competition out there. Still, when you take your first steps through the front door at your new workplace there are some things you should be prepared for.


We all know social media plays a starring role in the marketing process, but do you know how Snapchat can benefit your strategy? You just might have to, so here are the basics.


No matter who you are, what your career plans are or how famous you turn out to be, every person has to begin their career somewhere. Even the CEOs of major international companies had to begin in some menial job or other, earning a meagre wage so as to demonstrate their employability.


When seeking your first real-world job after graduation, it can be hard to know where to start. With your uni careers team, your pals and your parents advising you what to look for, how can you tell the difference between any old grad job and a leg up your career ladder?


Many graduates will find themselves navigating full-time work in the hospitality industry once university is over. It's all fun and pouring pints until you realise you're racking up between forty and fifty hours a week.