Do you find yourself worrying that everybody else in the whole universe knows exactly what they will be doing in one month, one year, and even five years’ time, while you still can’t decide whether to have pizza or pasta for dinner? Here are a few ways, from one troubled grad to another, to conquer those thoughts and fears when searching for graduate employment…


Fresh IT engineering graduates can find it difficult to get their first job. Many are stuck in the frustrating circle of ‘no experience, no job - no job, no experience’. Here our tips on getting noticed and finding your first job:


Being a writer is dream job for many students, but it's also one of the trickiest industries to break into. That’s why it's so important for students to start preparing for a career in writing during their time at university, rather than waiting till after graduation. Here's how!


After a few failed attempts at getting a post-grad position, you might resort to something more temporary, like working at a local supermarket, call centre or cafe, for example. While biding time as you look for your perfect job, these roles can become extremely tedious, but here are five reasons why you should stick at them.