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Jobs are funny things, aren’t they? Even if you’re working in a position you like, you can still find yourself moaning about things. Maybe your boss isn’t the nicest, maybe the hours are too long or maybe you’re not a fan of the office décor. Whatever it is, you need to shake it off pronto!


If you're interested in a career in the creative industries, there's a good chance you're going to spend some of your time freelancing. It can be an exciting prospect – you get to work on different projects, gain a variety of skills and meet new people – but there's an insecurity that comes with having to move from job to job, finding new clients and securing briefs.


Many students choose to study abroad, for numerous different reasons. However, the majority of students convince themselves that their year abroad isn't just about fun. Somehow, they've convinced themselves with very little proof or prior research that a year abroad will make them 1000% more employable.