How to Answer the Common Interview Question: ‘What Can You Bring to the Company?’

During a graduate job interview, you may be faced with the common interview question: “What can you bring to the company?” Now, coming up with a standout response can be challenging, especially for graduates with limited work history – so, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about how you’ll showcase your potential.

Yet despite not having an extensive work background, you’re armed with a whole host of unique skills and a fresh perspective —a combination that employers often highly value.

So, with this in mind, here’s how to construct a strong response to that daunting common interview question and boost your chances of landing the job:

Understand why they’re asking this question

Employers ask certain interview questions with a purpose in mind. Essentially, they want to get to the root of a candidate’s suitability for the role. While a CV may briefly outline your qualifications and experiences, this question allows employers to dig a little deeper and gain an understanding of the qualities you can offer that perhaps aren’t outlined on paper.

What’s more, employers are constantly forward-thinking, seeking to envision how your distinct skills could influence the existing team and contribute to the company’s future success. When responding to this question, think of it as an opportunity to describe the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. So, start planning your answer!

Showcase academic achievements

Any employer should acknowledge that as a recent graduate, your workplace experience may be limited. Seize this opportunity to lean on your academic background as a valuable case study when responding to the question.

Begin by highlighting how your university course aligns directly with the job requirements, as well as any specific projects or modules that have equipped you with the theoretical knowledge and skills essential for the position.

You may even want to discuss any challenges encountered during your degree and how you successfully navigated through them, as this shows your ability to solve challenges effectively. Employers look favourably at this skill, as workplace challenges arise almost daily, and it’s how you deal with them that proves your worth as a team player.

Conclude by mentioning any practical experiences you gained during your course (whether that be a summer internship, sandwich year abroad or practical experience undertaken for your dissertation). Each of these experiences showcases that you have worked hands-on and built concrete skills that can be integrated into the workplace.

Demonstrate a learning mindset

Employers highly appreciate candidates who embrace learning and adapt to constant challenges. With this in mind, express your enthusiasm for acquiring new skills, staying current on industry trends, and actively seeking opportunities for self-improvement if this interview question is thrown your way.

For example, you could share how you learned a new language to enhance your communication skills, adapted to different work methodologies to improve efficiency, or mastered a new software to streamline in-house processes. Each of these aspects proves your ability to translate acquired knowledge into practical applications.

Tailor your answer to the company

When faced with the common interview question, “What can you bring to the table?” your response becomes a strategic blend of understanding the company’s core – its values, goals, and culture – and your back of skills, experiences and personality traits.

Remember to steer clear of generic responses that they’re likely to have heard a thousand times before. This is your opportunity to build a deeper connection with the company.

Before the interview, take the time to delve into their mission, recent achievements, and company culture, as this information can help form the foundation of your answer, and how your skillset integrates into the company’s overarching objectives and ethos.

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