5 Reasons you should join a uni sports team

Sport enriches society, and inspires people to get fit and have fun. The sporting community is always looking for fresh recruits, especially at university, and you’re missing out if you don’t experience the fun for yourself!

The freshers fair is the place where this begins. After all the various clubs have set up their stalls, you should wonder on over, as they’d love to get to know you and invite you in. Additionally, if you miss this opportune time, there’s no harm in joining in midway through the year!

Of course, there are a great many perks in signing up for your univesity sports team.  We explore a few of them below for you to consider!


Fresh goals


A repetitive lifestyle can be a boring one. If your day mainly consists of rolling out of bed to hit the lecture hall then rolling back into bed, then maybe it’s time to turn things up a notch. University should never feel like a stagnant experience, and it’s a time where you can really experiment with different ways of life.

Fresh goals give your life a new edge. After all, the buzz of a new challenge can really lift your mood. For example, if you’re joining a football or hockey team, learning how to control the ball and work as a team will really put you through your paces. Studying can be a drag and drinking can be fun, but sport is the space where learning and fun work in tandem.


basketball team

Tangible experience


Some students don’t have much in the way of work experience. For one reason or another, any CV they attempt to write can look a little bare when compared with some of their peers. Of course, as the graduation date begins to loom into view, this situation can’t be ignored for much longer.

However, if you have very little work experience to list on your CV, then sport can be a good substitute. If you played as part of a team, you had a degree of responsability and development; in teamworking, communication, and maybe even leadership skills. In the end, showing you are active without pay is useful for job prospects, so your sporting efforts could sit nicely on an otherwise lacking resume.


Good exercise


Inactivity is dangerous. Some say that a lack of exercise can be even deadlier than smoking, and research has been carried out to prove this case. No matter which way you swing it, you’re not doing yourself any favours being sat down at a desk all day everyday. At some point, you’ve got to test yourself and give your body something to do.

It’s not a shocking revelation, but it’s worth mentioning all the same; exercise is good for you! A bit of sport will benefit you both mentally and physically, keeping you on your toes. Fitness is more than aesthetic, and more important than a set of crisp abs too. Good exercise will help you to feel more comfortable, raise your self esteem, and maybe even enable you to live longer!


exercise playing football


Uni pride


Some people attend a university, but they don’t feel as if they belong. Like school, perhaps it’s just a place where a person talks at you for a few hours a day. You make notes, and at the end you get slapped with a letter informing you of your educational worth. Still, it’s a really base way to look at things. Joining your university sports team will help you to break this hollow outlook.

There’s a wide range of sports clubs to join, and some universities have as many as forty eight sports clubs that are perfectly poised for your involvement.

The more in touch you are with your university, the happier you’ll be. After all, it’s meant to be your new home during your course of study. If you feel a stronger connection with your institution, you will start to feel like you truly belong there. That university pride can take you a long way, lifting moods and even your grades alongside.


New Friends


As is well-known, one of the main draws of university is making new friends and finding new social groups. While you might enjoy that Saturday night tucked up in bed and watching your favourite film, sooner or later you’ll want some company! Whether you feel this a lot or a little, the sports clubs are the solution!

Remember, you don’t have to join to compete against other universities. Not every instance of play matters. Some clubs may let you in for the training sessions and subsequent socials alone, meaning you can have some fun with folks and no pressure to perform. The days of ‘picking the best players’ are really a high school only ordeal (unless you’re competing against other universities), so put yourself out there!

If you’re particularly introverted or have anxiety, you can still give it a go. After all, some training sessions may only take place once a week. It’s for pleasure and working together, so keep these goals in mind when you join!


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