What Does An Email Marketer Do?

When it comes to picking your post-university career, it’s sometimes hard to truly understand what each role entails.

From the boring, every-day admin, to the more exciting, creative tasks, most jobs have their pros and cons.

If you are more curious to know a little bit more about the day to day of an Email Marketer… then read on!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a relatively new career choice; due in most part to the fact that email has only been a recognised as a medium since its inception in 1971. Since then, it’s come on in leaps and bounds, and is now regarded as one of the biggest generators of ROI for any brand or company!

An email marketer promotes and shares information, news and offers about a company to a mailing list. This emails are either cold emails (without previous correspondence) or warm emails.

So, what’s it like to be an email marketer, and what can you expect from a career in digital marketing…

What does a typical day look like?

Emails, in most cases, are shaped by the content or product you’re promoting!

As an email marketer, you will either work for an agency, where you write and create content for lots of different brands, according to their needs… or you’ll work in-house for one particular brand, where you will create email campaigns for their products and services only.

Reading emails

Most mornings will start with a swift check of your inbox, and your Email CMS (content management system) to check how well your campaigns from the day or week before have performed.

Planning and creating content

After this, it’s usual to have a team kick-off meeting where you’ll discuss the tasks for the coming week, what emails are due to go out, and what assets needs to be created in order to send them successfully.

Most companies work a few weeks (or sometimes even a few months) ahead when planning campaigns, so you will usually be looking to the next occasion or holiday, or the next big event when generating ideas.

As an email marketer, your role could comprise of wearing a number of hats: you’ll be expected to write persuasive and engaging copy, to come up with promotional strategies, and even to create and design imagery for the email body.

A large agency may have a team of copywriters and graphic designers for these jobs, but as the marketer, it’s your job to align all the right people for the task, as well as plan the strategy around how the campaign will be received.

Analytics and reporting

One of the main final tasks of an Email Marketer is the analytics and reporting! You’ve written great copy, you’ve got some great graphics, you’ve sent it to the relevant audience and tested which layouts and buttons make them click through.

Now’s the time to showcase your work and prove it’s bringing in the revenue! Reporting on click-through rates, open rates and conversions all add up to prove what you’re doing is working!

Overall, Email Marketing is a great career choice for anyone who is creative and great at writing, but also enjoys an element of analytics to their work!


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