A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketing Executive (From II’s Own Marketer!)

Ella is Inspiring Intern’s very own Marketing & Editorial Executive. She gives the low down on what her role entails!


I get to work fairly early, when the office is quiet. Make myself a bowl of porridge for breakfast and enjoy the peace!

The first thing I do is update our social media accounts. I will schedule posts for the day or week, usually articles of jobs we are advertising.

9 AM

Read and respond to emails which include those from our business partners, writers, graphic designers and those wanting to advertise on our website or form content partnerships.

10:15 AM

I check pending blog posts on the company blog. Edit and optimise them for SEO and find attractive images to accompany them. Then, I  schedule them throughout the week (I usually do this twice a week)!

11 AM

I edit articles from our writers and assign them their articles for the following week.

11:45 AM

Ensure all freelance writers have been paid and chase up any unpaid invoices.

12 AM

Check all our Google rankings for our key words – which ones are doing OK and which need improving. Conduct SEO audits with various SEO tools and keep an eye on traffic to our website and blog on Google Analytics.

1 PM

Lunch finally!


Work on my own articles for either our blog or external content partners.

3 PM

Work on forming content relationships with like-minded websites. This involves researching websites who might be interested and sending out emails, or occasionally making calls.

4 PM

Reply to the emails which have built up over the afternoon!


Post one of our candidate’s profiles on LinkedIn! Also make some attractive job adverts and post on social media!


Work on ad-hoc tasks – whether it be making improvements to our website or re-writing job descriptions to make them sound more concise!


Home time!

See a day in the life of a PR and Content Manager!

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