Getting Back Into Gear: 5 Post-Summer Tips

We’ve all been there. You have between 2-3 months off for summer – maybe more – and the slog to get back to work seems like the worst feeling in the world. So here are a few tips for getting yourself back into gear when the time comes.


  • Get the summer work done early!

If your lecturers have been cruel enough to give you summer work, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Start your summer off by using the first week or two to get your summer assignments completed. You’ll thank yourself when it gets to September and you don’t have anything to worry about. Plus it will all be fresh in your brain (hopefully) so you should be able to get it finished quicker than if you leave it until you’ve pretty much forgotten it all.

Sure, you’ll be bored for a couple of weeks. But then you’ll be able to enjoy your summer freely!



  • Relax properly

Remember to actually enjoy the time you have off. You’ve worked hard all year (possibly), and you deserve to enjoy the break you’re given for your hard work. You need time to switch off.

This is exactly the reason you should get any work done first thing. The last thing you want is to be dragging it out the whole summer. You’ll only feel like there’s a weight on your shoulders stopping you from relaxing.



  • Refresh your memory

Before you go back to university, try and use the week prior for refreshing your memory.

Your final week leading up to going back to uni is always bittersweet. You don’t want to go back because… well… who would? But at the same time you’ve had enough time off that you’re actually bored of getting up at 2pm in the afternoon every day (it could happen!).

Take time to look at some of the last lecture notes you made before the summer started. Your first week back won’t feel as scary if you’ve already prepared your brain for learning again. It’s easy to forget things when we spend too much time away from them.



  • Organise yourself

If you are quite a disorganised person, use the summer to get yourself back on course. If you start on the right note then at least you’re giving yourself the chance to be more prepared for the coming year – or at least until your next break!

Get folders and books organised how you like them to be. Make sure you’ve got all the textbooks you need for the next semester. Buy some more pens or any necessities that you may have misplaced over the last term (pens have a way of walking off unnoticed). Get yourself ready.



  • Read read read

If you’ve been given summer reading, get it done. They are there to help you.

Get ahead of the game. If the last year wasn’t great for you, or even if it was, make the next year better. If you have exams after summer, make your revision notes early. Get the notes done and then revise them in the last few weeks of summer. If you do your revision at the start, you’ll forget it all in the midst of late nights and crazy holidays!



All in all, enjoy your summer. When you get a job afterwards, you won’t have the pleasure of this much time off. So make the most of the relaxation (and/or partying) time – but don’t forget you still have to go back to uni at the end of it!



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