5 Ways in Which Your History Degree Will Benefit You

Every student gets asked those dreaded questions.

“What can you actually do with your degree?”

“Why did you choose to study that?”

As a history student, hearing these becomes all the more irritating, because there’s this myth that we all want to become teachers.

The truth is that a history degree lays the groundwork for so many exciting employment opportunities. Not only that, but it enlightens you in ways that other degrees can’t. Check out these 5 reasons why a history degree is worth the work.


Learning about the past helps you to understand the present

Learning about the past helps us to understand why current events take place. As a history student, you’ll start to understand links between events more clearly, and you’ll become more perceptive of the developments that shape societies.

Think about it. With no knowledge of the past, society wouldn’t be able to develop, people wouldn’t be able to think outside the box and the same mistakes would be made time and time again. History students can discuss contemporary issues and debate resolutions to them, based on their understanding of historical developments.


You’ll learn to see and interpret things in a different light

A history degree really opens up your eyes to the world around you. It’s intellectually enriching in a way that science and maths degrees fail to be. History students learn to appreciate and understand alternative views, and become good at developing their own. New, profound ideas will come naturally to you.


You’ll become a pro debater

History degrees are in no way just about facts and figures. They’re about developing coherent arguments and providing sufficient evidence to back up those arguments, both orally and on paper.

As a history student, it’s only natural that your vocabulary will expand and you’ll become a quick thinker. This makes you a formidable opponent in a debate, and we all know there’s no better feeling than winning an argument…


You’ll obtain the skills that SO many graduate employers look for

The ability to research and analyse will help you bag your dream job. Employers love a person who can analyse effectively, as they usually have a knack for problem solving. As a history graduate, employers will be well aware of your ability to analyse. They’ll see you as someone who takes action after clear and concise observation.

The ability to research accurately, too, is something that will stick with you for life. Employers will snap up history graduates because they recognise that their research skills could help the company innovate and improve.


You’re already well prepared for a legal profession

The prospect of becoming a legal professional such as a solicitor, barrister or judge is definitely on the cards for a history undergrad. In fact, one of Britain’s most prestigious judges actually recommended that students wishing to pursue a career in law should study history instead of law at university!


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