4 Ways To Survive Living With Your Parents

So you finally graduated from university. You’re, like, totes ready to set off into the big wide world all on your own. Except… you’ve had to move back in with your parents again.

After three years living away from home, this can feel like a huge step backwards. But with more and more students finding themselves in this position, moving back home is no longer something to be ashamed of.

Still, this is a situation that can be frustrating for both you and your parents. Make life easier for yourself and heed the following tips.


Help around the house

If you’re living there, it only makes sense for you to pull your weight. While you may be fortunate enough not to pay bills, you can contribute in other ways, such as washing up, hoovering once in a while, or even helping them set up their new laptop – all good ways of earning your keep.

You’re not a teen anymore. Stop moaning, get mowing.


Look for a job

Want to move out? You’ll need to pay bills, rent and council tax at least – and you can’t do that without a job.

While it might not be anything related to your degree initially, a job will allow you to get an income and get you out of the house. If you’re really lucky, you might even enjoy it.


Don’t sit at home all day

As lovely as having a lazy day is, the times of lounging around watching daytime TV ended with your time at university.

If you’re still in the same position on the sofa when your parents get home from work as you were when they left, you’re probably not living the carpe diem lifestyle teen you envisaged. Go visit friends, walk the dog, get out of the house and enjoy life.


Enjoy it

Sure, you might not have imagined still being in your childhood bedroom in your twenties, and it’s a little embarrassing if you ever have company… But it could be a whole lot worse.

You have a roof over your head, food on the table, and you’re saving so much money. Not everyone has a family home to rely on. Be thankful.


It’s not forever

Although it might not always feel like it, this living situation is only temporary. As discussed earlier, more and more students are being forced into this situation so you’re definitely not alone.

Moving back in with the ‘rents can feel like a step backwards, especially after you’ve just proven how grown-up you are by living on your own for a few years. Your parents likely don’t want you to live with them forever either. But everyone has to start somewhere, and there are worse places than back with your loving progenitors.


Jack Kirk is a recent Media Production graduate from the University of Lincoln, currently based in his hometown of Chesterfield, he is an aspiring writer, with a variety of interests and a deep knowledge of film quotes, he’d love it if you followed him on Twitter, but he’s not the boss of you.

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