5 Advantages Of A Rural University

Going to university gives many people the chance to be let loose from the shackles of parental concern. For many, this means going to the city and shrugging off sleep like a habit best forgotten.

The urban lifestyle, however, is not for everyone. So what are the advantages of a rural educational institution?


1: Fewer distractions

If you’re one of those strange beasts who have gone to university for the education, then a rural university might be the best place for you.

With a distinct lack of nightlife destinations, you’ll feel the fear of missing out (FOMO) less often, giving you plenty of reasons to start your essay. Procrastination plagues us all but, in a rural setting, you have no excuse for not getting your work done.


2: You cherish a night out

Of course, university life in the countryside isn’t all work, work and more work. There are plenty of fun things to do, but without the inevitable burnout that accompanies an event every day of the week.

The flip-side to a lack of distractions is that, when you do embark on a night out, you will try to make the most of it. It will be a memory to share with your friends, and one you will reminisce about when the stress gets too high.


3: Smaller campus

It can be hard to make an impression when you go to a city university, with the large student population making you a very small fish, in a very big pond.

This is not a problem at a rural university though. You can become a big part of any society, or the student union, with the option to blend in if you prefer.

Most importantly however, is that you will be able to get the most coveted of things; a seat in the library.


4: A better relationship with your lecturers

As hard as it may seem to imagine, lecturers are real people. This can seem impossible, whilst fighting for any sort of tutorial time at a city university, but in rural education, you will be able to get know your lecturers properly.

This will enable you to really improve your work. Lecturers will be more likely to give you extra help if you have a human relationship, whilst conversely allowing you to push back, and stand up for parts of your work you believe in.


5: Closer friends

At university, friends are a necessity if you are going to make it through the stressful times.

Being away from home, having to provide for yourself is a big step. Although your parents can lend a helpful ear, they aren’t able to intervene like they used to. Your friends can bridge that gap, allowing you to take full advantage of your university experience.

You are unlikely to be busy at a rural university, but the benefits are clear to see. Just don’t try and go clubbing. Ever.


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