6 Crucial Things To Do Once You Graduate

Congratulations! You’ve dragged yourself through group assessments, rigorous study periods and nail-biting exams to leave university with a degree in your clutches.

Finishing university is a milestone to be celebrated, but is also a time of confusion as graduates plunge head first into the swimming pool of adulthood. Being a student gives you purpose and direction, and transitioning into a world without structured education is not free from teething issues.

Before fare-welling campus forever, here are SIX THINGS fresh graduates should do before sprinting into the next phase of life.


  1. Get in contact with lecturers and peers

You know that passionate lecturer you loved? Guard their contact details with your life. At university, you have laughably easy access to some of the top experts in your field, and future you will be thankful if you keep up those relationships. We all know that networking is key, so acknowledge the lecturers and tutors who helped you achieve and keep them on your good side.

Also, keep in contact with your peers. These are the people you’ll be working with in the years to come, so keep those friendships flourishing! Sure, it’s easy stay close with your best buddies, but also keep tabs on those you worked well with and the high achievers. By forging lasting connections with others in your field you are doing your professional career a huge favour.


  1. Make the most of student discounts

Soon enough all the student discounts you took for granted will vanish, along with your savings. Whether it be cheaper transport, drinks or movie tickets, take advantage of concession prices while you still can. Being a full-time member of adult society is expensive.


  1. Sort out your LinkedIn and make your CV incredible

Raise your hands if you’ve been putting off creating a LinkedIn profile. If your arms flew up, it’s time to make one. If you’ve already jumped into the intimidatingly professional world of LinkedIn, update your profile and make sure it will grab the eyes of potential employers.

Now that you’ve graduated and are the proud owner of an expensive certificate, go add your new qualification to your CV. If delving straight into the job market, ensure your CV is current, shows off your experience and stands out from the crowd.


  1. Cleanup your social media

Yes, employers screen your social media. Your pictures and profanity may win over friends, but hiring managers are not so forgiving. Give your accounts a detox – if you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it, best take it down. Keep the wild student memories private and present your most employable self to the professional public.


  1. Reflect

Now that your confinement within structured education is over, take serious time to reflect on what you have learned. Reflect not just about your field of study, but on yourself. Are you more tolerant? More open-minded? More critical? More motivated? Just plain wiser? Recognize how much you’ve matured and take comfort knowing that while this phase of life is over, there’s much more growth to look forward to.

Also take the time to reassess your relationships. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with negative people, as there’s no point clinging on to relationships that aren’t of value. Relish in the opportunity to make a fresh start as you venture into the next chapter of your life.


  1. Ask yourself what’s NEXT

Finishing university is dually exciting and daunting. There’s a world of possibilities out there, what are you going to do next? Perhaps you’re tackling the job hunt head on, taking time out to pursue other interests/studies or even considering the benefits of a gap year.

Whatever you do, ensure it’s YOUR choice. You needn’t take the well-travelled road just because it’s what everyone else seems to be doing. Forge your own path, take things one-step at a time, and know that if you’ve survived university you can make it through almost anything.

Good luck graduates!


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