5 Things You Need to Know About Life After University

Leaving university and stepping into graduate life is an exciting time with plenty of possibilities, but it can also feel slightly overwhelming. You’re transitioning from the familiar routine of lectures and exams to a world where the path ahead isn’t always clear. As you take this next step, you’ll find yourself pondering questions like where you want to go next and what you want to do, as well as how to deal with everyday challenges.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Every graduate faces similar challenges. You might find yourself overthinking your career and what you want your future to look like. It’s a time to dream big and set goals, but it’s also normal to feel a little lost.

So, here are a couple of truths to keep in mind as you settle into graduate life following university:

You might not get your dream career right away

Not every university graduate steps straight into a job that aligns with their dream career. So, ease the pressure on yourself if you don’t have everything figured out right away. Even with a degree under your belt, there’s still so much to learn on both a professional and personal level. Instead of fixating on your dream job right out of university, think about gaining valuable experience in your chosen field to aid your progression by starting off with an entry-level job or internship. This will enable you to gain an insider insight into your industry, build essential skills and make connections that could open doors to future opportunities.

Internships, for example, are invaluable when branching into a new industry. They offer graduates a practical learning environment to apply their theoretical knowledge gained through their studies to real-world scenarios, as well as getting a first-hand glimpse into the day-to-day operations and dynamics of the industry. You can check out our available internships here.

Failure is part of success

Sometimes, landing your dream job isn’t as straightforward as sending out a few CVs. You might face rejection from not just one, but several job applications. And while it’s natural to feel discouraged when things don’t go to plan, remember that is all part of your journey to where you need to be.

Unfortunately, rejection is part and parcel of the job search process. It happens to the best of us and even the world’s most successful individuals at some stage in their careers. Instead of viewing it as a reflection of your worth or abilities, instead, see it as an opportunity for self-discovery. Each rejection provides you with time and reflection to consider how you can improve, whether it be tweaking your CV or honing your interview skills. What’s more, with each knockback, you’ll become far more resilient and empower yourself to bounce back stronger than ever before.

Embrace change

Transitioning from your comfort zone of university life to the real world as a new graduate can feel like stepping into unknown territory. Throughout your academic chapter, you may have been surrounded by friends and familiar routines. As you stand on the threshold of this new phase, it’s natural to experience a mix of emotions, including excitement and apprehension. However, it’s important to recognise that change is an inevitable part of personal growth.

Embracing this transition with an open mindset can be empowering. It’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons. By welcoming new experiences, you can broaden your perspective and discover unexpected opportunities that you never thought possible. So, remember to seize every opportunity that comes your way and approach the future with a positive mindset.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Are you feeling anxious over the thought of your first day at a new job? Stepping into a fresh environment with unfamiliar faces can be nerve-wracking, especially when coupled with doubts about your abilities—hello, imposter syndrome! So, the key is to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. But ‘faking it’ isn’t about pretending to be someone you’re not. Instead, it’s about adopting a confident mindset to tackle challenges head-on while still finding your feet.

Remember, everyone starts from square one at some point. So, permit yourself to learn as you go. No one is expecting you to have all of the answers right away. So, take a deep breath, show up with a can-do attitude, and trust your ability to thrive.