How to Branch into a Marketing Career

Inspiring Interns recently conducted a survey on LinkedIn and found that a considerable number of graduates are eager to branch into a marketing career. Whether you’ve just graduated with a degree in Marketing or related field, or thinking about switching from your current profession, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to offer some helpful tips on how to jumpstart your career in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

Define which marketing career path is for you

Before starting out in your marketing career , it’s a good idea to research which path best suits you. During the process, think about your passions, strengths and long-term career objectives. Take the time to reflect on what aspects of marketing spark your enthusiasm and ultimately, where your talents lie.

Have you always wanted to branch digital marketing, where cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies shape how brands connect with consumers? Or are you drawn to brand management, where you play a key role in developing the company’s identity? There’s a multitude of marketing career options to consider, but the key is to discover the path that best aligns with your goals.

But remember, it’s not just about the job title. You need to feel a genuine connection with the company and what they stand for, as well as the products or services they offer. So, aim to understand their mission and values. Ask yourself: Do I resonate with their vision? Am I genuinely excited about what they bring to the table? If the answer is ‘yes’ on both occasions, it’s a job you should certainly consider applying for.

Gain practical experience

Acquiring practical experience is a vital component in getting well-prepped for a Marketing career. In today’s fiercely competitive job market, where thousands of graduates are applying for a limited number of positions, hands-on work experience sets you apart from the crowd. It also equips you with invaluable insights and skills beyond what can be learned in the lecture theatre.

If you’re struggling to find a permanent position in Marketing after graduation, why not apply for an internship? Internships are a valuable opportunity for any new grad to learn in a real-world work environment. You’ll work alongside experienced professionals and actively contribute to in-house marketing projects. This may include brainstorming brand-new campaign ideas or conducting market research on behalf of the company.

Alternatively, you could apply for freelance projects as another avenue to broaden your marketing expertise. Through these opportunities, you’ll collaborate with a range of clients and businesses on specific campaigns or projects. And, in doing so, you’ll not only gain practical skills but also enrich your portfolio, showcasing your versatility and adaptability as a potential future employee.

Build a portfolio

Expanding on the previous point, building a portfolio is absolutely crucial for standing out in the competitive field of marketing. Your portfolio acts as solid proof of your talents and accomplishments, giving potential employers invaluable insights into what you can bring to their firm.

Compile a thoughtfully curated selection of your best work samples, showcasing various marketing projects you have been involved with. (Some examples may include email campaigns, social media strategies or promotional events). Provide a thorough summary of your role in each project, highlighting your contributions and the outcomes of your hard efforts. And, don’t forget to include data and numbers where possible as tangible evidence of your strength as a potential candidate.

Find your dream graduate marketing job

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