The job interview process isn’t a one-way street. As well as a chance for your employer to check you out, it’s also an opportunity for you, as a prospective employee, to see if a company is the place for you.

If you’re applying for a job abroad or outside your home city, chances are the Skype interview might come up. Even if the job is in your home city, you never know when a Skype interview may be part of the recruitment process.

As there are so many candidates for each role nowadays, it’s become more common for employers to have a second stage interview to whittle down applicants even further. Often, this takes the form of a phone interview.

Starting out in the world of work can be pretty daunting. You can prepare yourself as much as possible: polish those shoes, iron this shirt and comb that hair. What you can’t always be ready for are some of the stranger questions you might face during the interview.