Sooner or later, your potential employer will want to see the proof in the pudding, and that's where the aptitude test comes in. While you won't find any answers to specific aptitude questions here, a few tips on tackling them in the general sense should suffice!

Every now and then an internship comes along that seeks to exploit young workers; a waste of time that tricks the eager minds of youth. Luckily, there are a few red flags out there to suss out the fibbers and frauds.

For years, students have questioned whether their first year of studying is worth it at all. Do the marks matter? Does the start of university count for anything at all? Here's a good list of reasons why your first year counts!

The atmosphere in a student household is vital, capable of impacting grades and personal well-being. Any brewing tensions must be navigated sensibly to defuse any drama. Here are some ways to ensure you and your buddies maintain a happy home.

As statistics show a recent drop in young people learning to drive, teenagers everywhere are favouring other means of transport. With many heading off to university just a year or two later, one question is worth reviewing: is having a car worth it during the student years?