What Are Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills are crucial for any graduate who is looking to apply for a graduate job. These skills can be carried over from one job to another which can help you succeed in any profession.

The good news is that you are likely to have developed a handful of transferable skills while at university or in a part-time job which can be applied to your CV and help you stand out from the crowd during the job search.

Here are the most common transferable skills that you should be looking to acquire right now:


Collaboration skills are vital when working in a team. Although you may have your own set of tasks to work on, there may be specific times throughout the day when you’ll be expected to work in a team – either virtually or in person. Collaboration skills include listening, communicating, and the ability to cooperate on group projects effectively.

All employers will be keen to hire a great collaborator to actively partake in a team effort to accomplish goals.


Employers are on the lookout for employees who can adapt to different situations and take a flexible approach to their working life. It may be the case that you have to switch tasks during the day, or occasionally work in a different style during group projects for example.

Flexibility is highly valued in any industry, but the likelihood is that you have acquired such skills both through your university studies or within a part-time job.


Being dependable is extremely important in the eyes of any employer. When hiring you, you’ll become a trusted member of the company and be depended on to complete tasks to the best of your ability.

While some companies micro-manage their staff, others leave employees to their own devices. Some keywords to include within your CV that showcase dependability include: ‘responsibility’ and ‘punctuality’.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is often misjudged as a skill used solely in artistic careers. Yet, there are countless occasions when you’re required to use your imagination within a job role.

Whatever industry or job sector you may be in, you’ll constantly be expected to devise new ideas, try out new theories, and think outside of the box when it comes to providing solutions to problems. Within your CV, aim to provide some examples within your CV that prove you have a creative side.

Time management

If you consider yourself an organised individual, there’s a high likelihood that you acquire time-management skills. This is the ability to set personal deadlines and manage tasks accordingly based on priority.

Whether you have previously had experience with hitting targets in a previous job or have effectively shown time-management skills within certain university projects, be sure to state this skill on your CV and it could seriously work in your favour.

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