5 Expert Tips for Finding Employment

If you’re on the hunt for a graduate job but haven’t found much luck in getting an interview, you’re not alone. In light of the recent cost of living crisis, businesses have been making tough decisions to make staff redundant which has sadly left many out of work.

Although employment is the lowest it has ever been in over 40 years, there are currently still 10 million on the job hunt.

If you believe you have come to a dead end with finding employment and don’t know where to turn, here are some helpful tips from career experts that may come in useful:

Search further afield

Gone are the days when you may only apply for jobs in your local area. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are now offering more hybrid and remote job opportunities which provide employees with a greater work-life balance and reduced location restrictions.

With this in mind, you can expand your job search nationally and even globally.

Companies typically tend to offer greater flexibility during the hiring process and may be willing to consider you if you prove to be the right candidate.

Use keywords in your online job searches

Whenever you’re on a mission to finding employment online, always use keywords related to the job or the industry. A simple word or phrase could lead you to newly advertised jobs in your desired niche.

Additionally, you should save searches relating to specific keywords to alert you when any new jobs are advertised.

Don’t wait for jobs to be advertised

Did you know that not all job vacancies are advertised online?

If you come across a business that takes your interest, there would be no harm in sending an email with your CV attached, as you never know when an opportunity may arise.

Many businesses want to avoid the cost of advertising a job and would much prefer to deal with prospective candidates privately, to reduce the time and money within the formal hiring process.

Another top tip is to get networking, whether it be through family friends, colleagues, or family members. You never know when they may be aware of a job that could be the perfect fit for you.

Use social media to your advantage

Regardless of the job you apply for, the likelihood is that you’ll have to send over your CV and cover letter.

However, there are plenty of other ways to catch the attention of employers such as on the professional social media site – LinkedIn. Providing your personal social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are clean and professional, you could also reach out to brands you’re interested in.

Don’t stop learning

Have you ever come across interesting jobs that ask for additional qualifications? It can be extremely dispiriting when you have already been to university and earned a good degree, but additional credentials are required. Will there ever be an end to learning?

The answer is no!

Learning will always be an integral aspect of any job, so it’s better to start researching particular requirements of different roles to help you boost your hiring potential once you’re ready to apply.

Although you may have recently completed your degree, don’t put a stop to learning if you’re keen on finding employment.

Set small goals

It can be easy to get disheartening to be constantly turned down after attending multiple interviews, to the point of wanting to give up. Experts recommend taking a step back and re-evaluating your decisions and approaches.

Instead of focusing on the end goal, set small milestones that you can regularly tick off the to-do list; whether it be spending a day networking or sending out a certain number of emails per week. In doing so, you’re much more likely to stay focused and keep your spirits up.

Still looking for a graduate job?

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