How a Video CV can Transform your Job Prospects

What is more tiresome than having to make your way through a large pile of CVs to find a shortlist of candidates?

They all are similar and it’s really hard to get a gauge for what lies behind each one. A video CV is a refreshing and surprisingly efficient way of getting to know a prospective employee quickly before they walk through the office door. This is a great opportunity in assessing and interviewing the prospect before the employer has even met them. It means that employers will end up with a better-quality shortlist, who are more likely to succeed in an interview- meaning less time wasted for both the employer and employee.

To start with, the benefit of having a video CV is; it shows body language and presentation skills. This is all part of communication, which is a ‘must have’ when working for any company. The tone and the way in which a candidate presents themselves can be an ultimate decider of whether an employer will want them working for the business.

Secondly, employers can get a much more vivid impression of the candidate than from a collection of words on a standard CV. You can see their personality, charisma and other traits that wouldn’t otherwise be shown on a CV, and you can work out if they would fit into the culture of your business. For instance, a stride of confidence and affability, can show an employer that a candidate is enthusiastic and is perhaps good at working with people.

As for employees, using a tablet/computer for a video CV is an easy straight forward operation and they even have the option to get guidance from a recruitment firm. It also allows them to control the first impression employers have of them, instead of a stressful meeting where the candidate may not be able to be themselves and portray their personality in the way they want to. Candidates have plenty of time to improve what they’re saying and ensure their profile is to the best possible standard.

The Video CV is a unique way of applying for a job role and can make the candidate stand out. It also gives them a chance to get creative and express their personality through their presentation style. This is a great method to use, particularly for Marketing and Sales Jobs, which involve working with people and where the power of persuasion is key.

Ben Rosen, CEO of Inspiring Interns & Graduates, had a vision of what the future of recruitment could become and developed the idea of the video CV. He states, “The video CV has really caught the imagination of employees and has greatly helped the businesses we work with today”. Inspiring Interns & Graduates is the first recruitment company to use this innovative technique and it has proved to be very successful.

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