3 Ways To Turn A Job Rejection Into A Positive

So you spent weeks preparing for an interview and you’ve just found out they’ve chosen someone else. This has most likely knocked your confidence and left you unsure of what to do next! Job rejections are never easy to deal with but, unfortunately, are an inevitable element of your job quest.

However, rejection does not have to be completely negative! When dealt with correctly, you can spin a rejection into a pivotal learning tool which can aid you in the future.

Utilise your feedback


Not all jobs offer feedback to unsuccessful candidates but if you approach the company in a respectful manner they may be willing to provide it upon request. Business Insider suggests the best way to ask for feedback is via email or over the phone. It is also best to ask for it promptly after rejection. Perhaps even as a response that also gives thanks to the interviewer for considering you as a candidate. When requesting your feedback, make sure you are courteous and polite. Do not simply demand it!

Once you obtain your feedback,  use it to help you prepare for your next interview, even if accepting the criticism is difficult. Consider what the interviewer is saying and, even if you disagree, do not disregard their opinion. Establish why they reached this conclusion about you and determine what to do differently next time. If you reached the final stages of the interview, the feedback is especially helpful and will, undoubtedly, be more personalised.

Appreciate the experience


Although hard to rationalise in the face of rejection, try to view your failed interview as practice and a worthwhile experience. The more interviews you attend, the more familiar you will become with the process. As the age old saying goes, practice makes perfect! You may have missed out on this job but you are now better prepared for your next interview. Think about what the interview process involved and use it as a rough guideline for future interviews.

Appreciate the experience through a wider lens. Rejection is an integral part of the human experience. If you find it difficult to accept or cope with, being exposed to it will only help you to build resilience!

Accept it is not the job for you


This job is clearly not the right job for you but another one will be! If your feedback suggests you lost out on the job because you lacked experience or a certain skill, perhaps now is the time to explore other options. If this is not your first rejection, the chances are you are unqualified for this particular role. Consider what are your best attributes and search for jobs that require the skills you have!

If you are passionate about the role and do not want to change career paths, do not let your rejection discourage you. Spend time researching the role in more depth and explore what attributes you are missing. It may be the case you are applying for a position that requires more experience than you possess. This can easily be amended and don’t be ashamed to start at the bottom and work your way up!

No matter how much you prepare yourself, job rejection will always sting! However, with the right attitude rejection can have a positive impact on your job search and help you in the future!


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